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Comes next abc's chief national correspondent matt cup in on the mexico side of the border tonight tonight those migrants camped out over mexican border celebrating teat of them entering the us to officially begin to petition for asylum after the two thousand mile month long trek from southern mexico they now facing asylum process that could take years with long odds to gain citizenship customs enforcement troll claiming eleven migrants have been arrested for tempting to enter the united states illegally some seen here scaling the fence on the san diego border while others waited patiently setting up camp on the cold concrete he's at one hundred fifty others who are still waiting their turn their told to they could be days until they're allowed in and get their applications for evening martinez was kidnapped in her own home held hostage by gang she says it's not easy to live in a country where you're always afraid tonight they're hopeful that they won't have to fear any longer matt cup abc news tijuana matt thank you meantime tonight california and sixteen other states are now suing the epa after that agency's plan to weaken rules for vehicle emissions california filing the lawsuit now joined by sixteen other states and the district of columbia they say they are fighting for cleaner and more efficient cars the standards would have required vehicles to get thirty six miles per gallon by two thousand twenty five about ten miles over the existing standards epa chief scott pruitt says that plan needs to be revised there is still much more head on world news tonight this tuesday to medical reports tonight one on autism and determining when your child is an infant the other report on mosquitoes and ticks and what they can carry with summer just about the fiery crash on an american highway strangers working together to help save trapped victims your money tonight the new headline about gas prices on the rise the summer forecast.

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