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The following morning of Tuesday may thirty one you're on Vanda slowed was taken to the police station to provide an official statement. He said that on the afternoon of Sunday may twenty nine. He had been participating in poker tournament with his father had the Excelsior Casino Ni-. Although you're on was underage. His father allowed him to play in tournaments. That didn't require a financial. Buying Palace had delayed the tournament early to take care of your ons two younger brothers but agreed to return to pick your on up whenever he was ready to go after the tournament. You're on decided to stick around for a wall Longa. He sat down to play around of blackjack when an American go lost him fut gaming advice she later invited him to join her friends that not. He was hesitant at first because he had exams at school the following day but eventually a great knowing he could get away with a light naught with these mother out of town. He left the casino to get something to wait from a nearby McDonald's and then called his father to come and get him at home. He told several friends. Say if anyone wanted to join him to made up with the American girls several declined but Deepak KALPA great. He lied a peaked. Your on up he Silva Honda Civic. Along with these brother eighteen year old CETACEAN KALPA. The trail arrived at college. In Charlie's at around twelve. Thirty A M when Natalie immediately your on over to the bar afterwards. They drank what he described as a Yod of Whiskey Kala together. You'll Ron said he didn't take drugs. And didn't think Natalie data when Carlos and Charlie's closed Natalie asked if she could go with your own and his friend they go into Deepak Honda Civic and she requested. They drive pasta friends so she could wave at them. You're on and Natalie then started making out in the back seat. He told her they couldn't go back to his place so she asked if they could go to the coast to see. That shocks. Your on told Natalie there were no sharks but she insisted deepak drive towards the California Lighthouse which was approximately twenty minutes away from Romania. Stop but Natalie changed her mind on the way and told them to take back to the hotel instead. The boys claimed that Natalie was highly intoxicated and allegedly made several racist remarks including that her mother was related to adult hit law. They arrived at the Halloween around to. Im when Natalie drunkenly fell out of the car and was helped up by the security God who was dressed in Black Deepak details. Kalpa provided statements. That back to your Ron's version of events entirely. Deepak said that when Natalie entered his car he told her to get out she was drunk and he didn't want any trouble. But Natalie insisted on going for a ride to the lighthouse after Shea and Jurong Kissed for a wall. Natalie fell asleep on the drive and I had to wake her up to Oscar which hotel she was staying at when they arrived at the Holiday Inn. A dark skinned man with a walkie talkie approached Natalie once. She entered the lobby after providing estimates. You're on Deepak instead. Teach were role Frei to go. He Ruben Police distributed missing person posters to the local media telling Natalie's family that many young people on the island to God drugs and to Natalie could be off partying with them although this same implausible jug twitty. And he's friends located drug houses in the area and went searching financially dissatisfied with the hesitancy of local police to launch an official investigation. Natalie's family recruited American ex-pats to assist in finding her Beth distributed. Post is that appealed to Natalie directly using her daughter's nickname she wrote plays Komi Hoodie on. Miss you and love you. Mommy's here on Aruba and are really wanted to not please call me on my local sell to some locals. This poster implied that Natalie had run away and didn't want to be found. It was quickly replaced with an attention grabbing posta featuring to smiling images of Natalie head-on with the word kidnapped Imboden read text on Wednesday June. One Natalie's disappearance made the front page of local newspaper Aruba. Today the paper's editor Julia Renfro are helped. Organize a search of the island and encouraged locals to assist with a series of radio announcements. Also calling for volunteers after some complications regarding flights. Natalie's father Dave Holloway. He's wife Robin and other family members arrived on the island to help. They hired a car and headed straight to the closest police station. Eventually visiting. Oh Fool. Police stations on the island. According to Dave's Book Aruba the Tragic Untold Story of Natalie Holloway and corruption in paradise. Two of the four stations were unaware of Natalie's disappearance when he told one detective who he was and why he was there. The detective allegedly responded by asking. How much money Dave had. He told the distressed father not to worry because Luxa many other young visitors to Aruba. Natalie was luckily just swept up in a holiday romance. Dave and his family went to Carlos and Charlie's and saw for themselves just how lax the security was with teenagers drinking openly at the BAA within a space of two hours. They were accosted multiple. Tom's by local drug dealers. The Holloway's asked around and whitall. There was a strict rule against the drug peddlers committing crimes against foreigners as the island relied so heavily on tourism and they couldn't risk and negatively impacting.

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