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Welcome to the set down full cast, you know as the internet's only college football podcast. We've barely talked about spring ball. And I think that I wanted to go over the most important spring game because remember spring a time of renewal spring time where we take what is dead and bring it back to life spring is a time when we re examine what it means to be a member of team, then the most important spring game as we all know. Is the vendors endgame baby. Yeah. Good safe. Yeah. Good save. I thought you're about to talk about football. But you saved it at the end. They're the only way we can break the ballot record. Yeah. I just turned it. I mean, do you think I was going to discuss how impressive it was that Miami got ninety one hundred people to go to Orlando. No. Because the American Association of cardiologists does that like twice a year, please? And they have money. Unlike miami. Since we are the world. Only college football podcast. We are joined tonight by Stephen Godfrey, who he he writes about college football. I read about NFL writes about the got redo podcasts at all. I'm glad to be here. Now as my first one. Cool to lies. Very happy here. It's. Very professional and just hope I do good job. On the disappointed in you before. Bad job be on the shutdown full cast. Clear audio and salient thought I was going to say the first live show audio will which to be clear was recorded by professionally hit. We that was Godfrey's wasn't that Godfrey's last appearance on the show? I think I think so. The first verse life show audio does sound like one of those Amy shows with the paranormal investigation, there's very clearly a dead body or some sort of native American burial ground. Norwegian black metal, bro. Yeah. None more brutal little weight Jason toppy this. How do you save?.

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