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You. I love your bumper music here. I big fan. Joining us in studio, Tom fit in the president of Judicial Watch, Tom. Thank you for coming in. We appreciate it. Thank you for having me. So doing what Judicial Watch does wonderfully. You guys file foia requests, you get ignored. So you file lawsuits. Couple of years later, you finally get a bunch of documents that you were looking for the latest though, making news because of what you've found regarding Hillary Clinton's personal Email server and some of the emails that were contained on that server. What did you find more classified emails, and these are not these aren't these aren't the emails that she turned over to the State Department? This comes for the batch that she tried to destroy or otherwise high because they weren't they didn't have anything relating to government business, right? There were all personal and outrageously. She was able to hide twenty thousand because the FBI was only able to recover five thousand. So they've been getting those five thousand records in batches. And this is the final batch so far as we know there's nothing else. They've recovered that. They're turning over to us. There may be materially haven't turned over to us, obviously. But includes classified information about Israel about Gaza. With Tony Blair. And it shows you just how at -rageous it is that Hillary Clinton's been able to get away what she's gotten away with by as a result of the sham investigation by the FBI Justice department, and I hope you know, attorneys-general bar season other story about classified emails that not only did they find. But she tried to destroy in hide and think better of the Justice department FBI investigation that came before him and said, we know we gotta we gotta look at this. Shelves yotam. What's so outrageous about this is look, I'm I'm a former federal government employees. And and there are a lot of federal government employees. Current former who listening to this radio station, and every single one of them knows that if they had mishandled classified materials the way Hillary Clinton did they would have been prosecuted by the department of Justice. Well, exactly, right. And she knew she was warned. In this in this batch of emails, she talks about having to get a secure, computer. So she knew that she was handling sensitive information and on top of this the emails show. She's getting emails again from Sidney Blumenthal. The nasty anti e kind of a conspiracy theorist worked at the Clinton foundation. Even the Obama White House to want him in the State Department's. She secretly was taking advice from them. And she sends he sends her some virulent anti Israel conspiracy theory. Israel, governments colluding with the Jews here in America type Email Lanny Davis, the Cohen lawyer friend of Hillary, she's he's sending her obsequious emails on top of that. You've got Clinton foundation people could working with the State Department is well, remember we were told Clinton foundation nothing to do with the State Department. So it's good reason. They've wanted to hide this material for my sense of reason that a court on another cases authorized us. To begin taking testimony from Clinton Email witnesses about what was going on. Here was all of this designed to avoid the freedom of information act. No, no, of course, that we're suggests this department, where's congress effect, your -partment opposing our efforts to get this information from these witnesses key, a key thing there, Tom that you just said and people need to understand what's important was the emails, you uncovered about the Clinton foundation working closely with the the secretary of state and the State Department, and and that's really important why because the Clinton foundation during that period was getting huge amounts of money donations from foreign governments and foreign individuals, and you have to sit there and take. Well, why were they doing that was that because they wanted to influence the US secretary of state? Well, certainly they were able to influence a US secretary of state. We had prior emails that came out where you had a foreign leader being unable to get a diplomatic meeting with the secretary of state. So he went through the Clinton foundation. To get the meeting accomplished. And on top of that you obviously had all of this uranium one type money Russia money flowing into the Clinton foundation, including a personal speech Bill Bill Clinton made that netted them personally five hundred thousand dollars from a firm associated with uranium one. And Russia a government entity, essentially. You know, there's a lot here to investigate and his attorney general bar going to ratify the corrupt decisions of Lynch the general under Obama and James Comey. I think that's the question of the day. Well, didn't she also say under oath in twenty fifteen under a penalty of perjury? Then she had directed all of those emails in her custody that to be turned over. Now, we know that that's not true because we know that she tried to hide them. We know that she tried to get rid of some of them you've gotten them. And we know that they contain some of them contained classified information. She lied under oath under penalty of perjury. Yes. She testified to us as far she knew everything was turned over. But I recall, she was much more specific and broad in her testimony to congress about it. And from what I recall, they referred that testimony over for investigation. But again Justice department has been spending all of its time harassing the president and investigating his tweets chasing, a non Russia collusion story and again in collusion with Hillary Clinton. So they don't want to look at Hillary Clinton. And seems so you don't think this is going to change. You know, when you run your advertisements for investments, they say past experience or past. Future performance. Actually, that's a pretty good rule of thumb Napolitano's. What has been going on in the past will likely continue absent pressure from Judicial Watch. Or maybe the president says what the Justice department needs to do its job and the general should do its job. I don't know if Mrs Clinton should be prosecuted, or or or indicted, but I do know the American people still want an honest legitimate investigation went on here, and we're just not going to ignore it anymore. Doesn't talk about how long did this take. Got filed suit. How many how long ago did always again ask you for emails back in two thousand eleven. Gosh, more with Tom fit and coming up at you're listening to the best of mornings on.

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