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I don't know that britney's marrying her father. No this gentle sweet ban is in. So over his head. I want to thank you for taking care of daughter. I did like when Britney screamed at the top of our lungs. I am back woods. I know she she screamed. I am a redneck proud of it. I like, my bare chains basically, and when she was sobbing hysterically into mom me. Mas arms and. Sheila shea, marina del Ray. Teaser genius shea. Marina. Sushi is now I mean, I don't know they have this whole thing about how how the how Lisa always comes for the TOMS, and sort of makes them feel stupid. But that's that's what Lisa does. That's what she dines out on. She just insults people and like makes them feel stupid and they're not doing enough. And that's just kind of who she Arianna kind of went for her. I was impressed that she impressed at anyone comes for her. But I was a little like come on. I think you think your guys work, really hard. But they I don't know that they work that don't they? They worked for months on those drinks again. I don't know bartending in that way. Like, literally building that thing out of her bare hints, I know like she was in a hard hat, and they had like never seen the place. She was in jeans. I do like Lisa, gene. Chris Boyd t belt gorgeous. I will say recalls reunion outfit. She looked like a throw pillow. Like, you know, those throw pillows that like have the frilly edges all around the side. Like, a real home. Good. Yeah. Exactly. But she was dressed in a throw pillow and. He knows she just has this kind of shaky boys. Just like her. That's what she sounds like she's about to explode or Britney. Thank you, see. Like, I really appreciate survey are feeling good say, but you know, we've two marines left. We're about to get they never disappoint. I love. I love these kids. I was looking at how many episodes filmed, I think we watch twenty or twenty two felt like to it felt like one I could watch more. I never wanted to go away. I know they're filming now good thing. God, I know get them out. They have they gotten married yet. Daniel, you know, they're holding for the next year. I assume but I'm like because they said they said like three months away. So that must be think will I know that Randall in LaLa announce they're getting married August eighth. And did you see on the instrument? They all do they move up the winning. Yes date. Okay. Allen randall. Yes. But did you see LA, LA and Britney and Stalin private jet Paris? Chase Chris, Katie. Okay. Such a wet blanket. Such a sour puss. I mean, I don't have too much more do I, but it was good to just kind of like dive back in. It was It was nice. nice to just chat with you. We didn't have it. We put down your city of origin. I'm fine with that. I'm gonna move. I'll never know what I'm studio city for life Sheena shea with marina del rhyme. Danielle I tried to rhyme in my head before Daniel Schneider studios. Citre? I had my Casey Wilson Los field. Willison? It's just Sheena shave marine. That's our for you someone giving me a shirt longtime ago that said scared money don't make no money and I worked at bed last night. And I think that person because it's so makes me feel so wonderful shirt ticket. I know lasting. I want to recommend to show Daniel hasn't seen. This yet comes to me for my my sister-in-law, always has the best recommendations sheera? Cast boys has called me again. She sat me down because you knew I was going to why. And she's like, listen, I know I gave you ninety day fiancee. She's like when I tell you that that's a piece of garbage compared to love after lockup. She was right. Same producers. Even crazier. Same artistes? Same artistes tours..

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