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Ember uh he had a truck in in uh where he was living in michigan he listens to hockey uniting canada with foster human thank you very much can you talk about the blue jays thank you take vr vr now i'm gonna tell you my opinion about the national anthem um basically i support players be stay in the dressingroom basically i have feeling uh uh for example you know i have to say this is fox television uh for example has no respect was cancelled instead of putting a commercial dirk worst of respect there for that and i think um you know canadians to come down to your nfl from uh from british columbia manitoba off to launch her real and nova scotia at you help your teams in in new england and buffalo in seattle a minneapolis minnesota and of course your detroit area so basically we don't respect for our anthem uh we do play our answer here for hockey and things like that we have a an nba team in troy who gets no respect tell them cells and we have major league baseball team in trying also snow respect down south because tobiesen raised cattle because the weird canada and we we don't kill in the ratings so basically worse though i respect rights up here you don't respect us so i think the nfl players should i in canada we have a concealed radio bros he doesn't respect can aids football played tires with with two hundred million dollar lawsuit for because he thinks ct did sizes in deir for cta uh rick we're are guy that just take a deep breath we love you thanks for listening in july not patriots that are different dealt thank you very much for.

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