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Studios pallet town fair tire nobody be sound fair tire nobody so they just an interview it McElroy who went from a seven nine yes they do a sixty five today a fourteen stroke improvement which is miraculous improvement and gave it a run it looks like although I don't know if it's officially it looks like the cuts gonna be a plus one and he's a plus who so it looks like he's not going to play the weekend tiger and Phil both missed the cut tiger tiger shot I think one of the day now the matter he was you know several yesterday so they both missed the cut they're on their way home they did not look good tiger that it does not look good he has not moved well the last two tournaments he has not played a lot I just don't think he's awfully healthy I think that's right let's be inclined he isn't fills playing lousy tiger just doesn't look like he's moving well since the masses he really doesn't and you know that we win which I think meant so much to him whether we have a come again it seems like he's now almost a is resting on his laurels I just think he's not physically up to the amount of work yes the and if you're wondering why so it's all good clothes and mom is will be open remember month is on the Atlantic Ocean so I mean there could be as someone who grew up on the like ocean knows that can be sometimes a twelve to fifteen degree difference in temperature in land to all the ocean so I don't know what the temperature would be a mom tomorrow might be much less than it would be in land the Saratoga in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains where I can tell you it gets brutally hot and they've already canceled up to tomorrow so it's all good I mean Monmouth like I said this on its on the oceans we get the ocean breezes the ocean never gets that area Riley was never gets as warm because the ocean waters are at their peak in the low seventies usually I mean seven these mid seventies by the end of summer is about the hot load Highness the ocean gets thoughts around the world today in the in the you know in the high fifties sixty and then you know gets into the seventies but very you know very low seventies for the most part I don't know about that exact wretch where mom with this but you know that's all it is so is still the great difference when you're that close to the ocean so mom of is so maybe it makes a big difference as might might be the reason why they haven't canceled because they they might be much cooler billion free all was a billing a good afternoon Mike what's up and I just wanted to talk about from your opening you're a hundred percent right they are focusing on the dumber things with going to expansion the more focusing on like the dumb stuff away from the game they should be focusing on how well they responded after his ejection yesterday I just saw your hundred percent well listen it's going to get attention I mean when only a man's you sold out in a rant like that that gets played then goes viral and that's the whole thing is when these things go viral I mean that's that's the whole thing because everybody sends them to everybody else and that's the whole thing in life is finding something and say you know people spend all day on on their two accounts is sending stuff to each other no not making their own observations but just sending you know stuff these other I mean that's basically what's become so someone that gets passed all over the place you know like the same thing what happens when I saw you know yell and scream about some then it goes everywhere I mean is the same as the same difference but but that's what the show is about I mean that's this show is about coming there is not about it there's no game attached Gary in Westchester what's up Garrick what you came up the bomb the boulders talk about the weather my dad used to drive your truck around town gate the PC games like this week at which Sally through just a month ago Jared in Fort Lee was a jet Hey Mike big fan of you and a big fan of your show let's have actually hope well I won actually thought about the Yankee pictures by I actually hope they don't cancel the game tomorrow because that he I've never I've never in my life to I remember them canceling a baseball game for heat I don't think I've ever if someone could correct me on that I don't remember I don't either I don't think that's ever almonds yeah I don't remember that ever happening yeah because we got an email on that Saturday these guys play I mean listen I don't want to sit and some of those seats because some of those seats in the sun I know when I had when I used to take my boys all the time when and I had seats that were in the sun and my boys used to be like that in when they were they were like that we can't sit here anymore we can't we can't we can't we can't sit in the front end and it would be in the in the heat of summer it would be that bad they with the seats themselves would get so warm you couldn't even said that you really could you have to go inside the existing facility until the Sheik came I mean it was that it was that bad now that would only last couple innings but it would be that bad at one point so I can understand that from the stands the fans them you know the idea the train is a great at it what they do keeping the players with their you know with the ammonia in the water and all thing and they're very good at that stuff I mean they used to that and players will play in this for a million years so are you feel worse for the umpires they're out there the whole time you work for the home plate umpire is the way for he's standing in it for hours without a break that's the guy you want to make sure it stays hi Jay and stays cool Paul in queens what's up all right hello just a couple of questions first and bomb garner replacing on her mind assuming you know the giants to trade in the zoning angst and make the deal use sitting in cash and see would you be one hundred percent ready to pull the trigger to replace Bob Gardner winter manually why is it why is it has to be bomb gonna for homo what's wrong or a month starting also why can't he be the third floor well you got Paxson he got the law right I I I I am I'm not starting so about the of right now to me as of what from what I've seen this if the Yankees got bombed honor it would be ten aka Bumgarner Amman those me the three guys I was thought from what I've seen I don't know where Severino is going to be so I really can't put him in the mix right now but I would start Amman before I start taxes from what I've seen right now Sam in Hackensack was absent hi Mike every you said about mom the park I mean I've been there many many times and it can get very hot I don't know what the deal is going to be tomorrow and a lot of people are waiting for them to cancel are hoping for them to cancel with the Saratoga cancellation well this is what it's about it's about to do the the the thoroughbreds like cool weather rather warm weather we know that the not the number I've always heard was ninety eight or T. H. I have a hundred and five that they feel the it's is unfair to the horses to compete under those situations have you ever been in a situation you had resources where you were like on the line we were thinking and it might be too hot yes absolutely and may of cans I've been there I had a horse race in the state with a cancel this that those racing that they in Saratoga so I have been to the track when they have canceled now that day we actually went to the track and they ran the first race and then cancel the caller so they didn't cancel it until we already there and they just said folks the temperature has risen to a point where we feel it is unfair for the for the horses and the jockeys but they said the specifically the horses we we just feel that it's uncomfortable for them that it's unfair for them and we take their safety very seriously which I think is admirable it should be and you know when I race and give subtle credit Satelit does not want to cancel sadly caught and to cancel because there's too much sunshine you know what to art that's not what they're looking for we give them credit they did it in advance they know what the weather is and they made the very small and right move they did the quickly and everyone knows it they did it early everybody knows it you can make plans to go someplace else you can change your day that way so I know people who can go up to settle this weekend because that already and that's fine I think they had lived very very well as the mom is like I said there on the ocean it might change things dramatically but if they feel that it is a threat to the animals they should cancel that's just the way that I'm sure they will I'm sure they will take that into account I don't have any question that they would the people over there and race of office so I know a very capable they're very good at what they do so I have no problem they'll they'll do the same thing Harvey in new city what's up Bobby right there was still about mom this that postcard was only seventy one degrees today right now which of these would so you're totally right right well yeah I mean the the if like I said if they I know I have that said it was that good there tomorrow that just shows you now it's ninety degrees in the off today if it's seventy one at home at the VA mon mugs with though that better than anybody what the temperatures of the at the track there they say ninety two tomorrow they say ninety two tomorrow okay well ninety two that I think is fair I think that I think you can it's it's one but you can operate through it like I said the the one number they always gave me was ninety eight was a number at the Morris was it a hundred Saratoga and they already canceled so I did the did the right thing like we said where it's situated Monmouth on the ocean you know that makes a very big difference judge in plain view what's of George I might try to take my call about disgruntled met Janet you can imagine what's going on my concern is this what will it take I want to get rid of it you can always the manager we will the end of the year but it will not like to I told you this a month and a half ago that day and he was going to finish the season and then they would do with that going to do but they did not want to cancel a they want to get him through this season what's in the state and I agree a hundred percent but here's my concern what if they will go out to go on a run back to get her to walk or not because the players but they go on a good one you'd think they'd like to form I mean I would not I don't think I think it would take it I think now it would take a it might even take a playoff appearance but it would take something close to that for him yeah defeat him to be back next year I I think will be very hard for him to be back I think they would have to really go on a cruise tremendous hair over the next couple of months otherwise I think they will have an extensive search now whether they will hire a high profile manager you know two of them are right here not campaigning but they're in everybody's face right now you have drawn he he's on the show he's also doing games and you have that is the net games and he's still in you know Yankee games and you have Bach is now back in the yes studios.

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