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History as football fans said goodbye to former commanders owner Dan Snyder. Bye Dan. We are done with you. Get out of our city and leave our football team alone. We never want to see you again. And they said hello to new team owner Josh Harris. Many never thought that we'd experience a week like this and joining us live for more is WTOP reporter Steve Fresno and Steve, you go way back to the days of Jack Kent Cook and all that, but you were there when Snyder took over as well. Did you ever think we might see this come this week or did it really seem like it was not gonna happen? It such was a surreal feeling walking into FedEx field yesterday, Kyle, because I do back in 1999. I was working for the late George Michael. It was George, myself, Sonny Jergensen. We were on the football field in Frostburg. Dan Land, the helicopter, and coming in. And no, I never thought we would get to the moment from yesterday when Josh was introduced along with the entire ownership group, but it was such a surreal feeling in the sense that we're finally moving forward. I'm sure the whole football community here in the and DMV fans would agree with me. We can finally take that next step. Yesterday had come, the transaction was complete, and I will tell you this. I'm looking around the room before the press conference and it's all smiles and a palpable feeling that that positive feeling just you could tell surrounded the room. Yeah, give us a little more of that feeling. I know you were covering that press conference. You've been talking to former players and lots of people connected to the team. What are they saying about Josh Harris? Would you say that it just seems like to buy in on a new era? Well, you know, we got in early and I'm walking around and you see all the seats being labeled with names on there like Joe Gibbs and Magic Johnson and Josh Harris's family and you know Kyle, the key word in the room also from the outset was integrity And in Josh Harris's speech, you know being from Chevy Chase growing up. His mother who lives in Montgomery County, but the feeling in the room was you know This group gets it. Josh Harris gets it. He's bringing that integrity. He's He bring it he knows how to bring that new culture now into the DMV and back to a very prestigious football team and as we all know, that integrity in positive culture hasn't been around for 24 years. So you could feel in it the room and just the people I've talked to that this group really knows how to bring it to the table. Alright, that's WTOP Steve Dresner giving us the inside scoop of what that was like Like yesterday to see the commander sale go down live out there at FedEx Field. It's now Let's get a quick look at the top stories we're working on at WTOP. All fired up and it's been a long time coming. And as we told you, the commander sale is official. We'll hear some fans and the new owner a little bit later. President Joe Biden The witness shows an Admiral Lisa Franchetti to lead the Navy in a historic step that would make her the first female Joint chief's member. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. Over to the traffic center now let's check in with Mary De Pompa. All right Kyle and we will check in on I -66 a little bit A little bit of an upgrade. Right now the main lanes of I -66 are running well. Never affected with the crash between Front Royal and Roslyn. The accident itself is in the express lane. So if you are eastbound toward the Beltway passing Nutley Street. You're staying right to get by the cleanup so we have no delays showing. Nothing reported on the Beltway through Fairfax County and a trip on 395 -95 between the 2nd Street bridge and all the way into Stafford County. Well you'll hit the brakes through Dumfries and we're beginning to build volume some through Quantico where the easy pass express lanes join in southbound. They are pointed southbound in Stafford. You've got a delay building in both. This is all just summertime volume. No incidents reported. On the Maryland side the wreck is on 95 South Halethorpe past 695 lining up to get toward 195. 2 to the left will get you by the cleanup continuing. Why are America's freight railroads safe and getting safer? They equip their equipment and dedicated rail employees with training and tools they need for safe operations. You can learn more at aar .org. Mary DePompa WTOP traffic. Now through 7 News First Alert meteorologist Jordan Evans. like Looks temperatures are gonna stay very comfortable and below average for this afternoon. Highs only in the middle 80s. We should be at 90 for

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