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Back fanny pack. It's always been fascinating for me to see how the world of entertainment has evolved over the years. So let's take a walk down. Memory Lane and reminisce on some of the juiciest and most monumental on this day events from this week in pop culture forty years ago the Classic Arcade Game Pac man was released yes. Pacman is officially forty years old. I have to say he hasn't aged a bit. He's still looks great and he still looks active as ever from getting chased by Blinky Pinky and puts last one's name. It's like Bob early. Something like a regular name. Oh my gosh. I can't believe I don't remember that somebody'll remind me amp. I thank you for it. Also turning forty. Oh my Gosh I love this movie so much. One of maybe my favorite horror movie of all time the shining starring the mazing. Jack Nicholson Shelley Duval in just the scary shit ever. Oh my gosh. If you've not seen the shining what the fuck. Keep an eye out for my instagram post. I went to the I like scary movies experience in Los Angeles last year. You know back in the days when it was safe to go out anyway. One of the movies that the installation an honored was the shining and I have the best pictures ever. Oh my God. The exhibition was amazing. Plus I was so thin last year like those pictures are goals. GotTa get back to that fighting weight but enough about me in nineteen eighty four and eighty nine on the same day. Five years apart. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released and Indiana Jones and loss crusade. I love the Indiana Jones Franchise. I've watched them all recently. They're on prime. I think Oh my God. They hold up so well. The last crusade will always be my favorite and while we're at home that's one to dig into if you have never seen it. Oh my God. Indiana Jones is the perfect adventure for a weekend in quarantine. Gosh speaking of perfect quarantine. Entertainment the best franchise of any star Trek. I know I'm totally right here. Next Gen Star Trek. Next Gen's finale was in nineteen ninety four so those star trek had been around since the sixties. I feel if it's perfect footing in the eighties and nineties with next generation so star Trek people. I am right there with you. Also in ninety four this win. Michael Jackson married Elvis his daughter. Lisa Marie and do you remember how crazy that was? That was such a huge deal like none of us could believe he was marrying a woman and then like from Lisa. Marie we were like all the guys really. But you think about how they're like. The point zero zero zero zero zero zero one percent of celebrity. And it's kind of mind boggling. A real moment in pop culture history Elvis's daughter and Michael Jackson. You never know what you're going to get what time to be alive. Oh Wow this is a sad one. That was a terrible transition in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. Remember this oh well. Ninety five win superman himself. Christopher Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down after falling off a horse in a writing competition that was just so devastating and it was so hard to see the man who was literally Superman. I grew up with him. Superman as many of you dead seeing him lose his ability to do anything. Physical was just so heartbreaking. Oh Wow that was well. Ninety five those twenty five years ago had and of course we've lost him since who? Wow under better news. The in sink album dropped in ninety seven. This is a classic album. You know team backstreet. But to say that instinct didn't deliver would be ally and it would totally unfair because in saint had some Bob's and my personal favorite instinct album. Is this one. This is the self titled One. It's the one that had each one kind of had like a column and you saw like a slice of their face in their body. Oh my God so good here. We go here. We go will mortem every Panis Fan and fun here? We go now. Yes yes yes here. We go inside his got flow. Oh my God so good so good. Oh my I'm going from instinct to a true fucking crime. A terrible transition yet again. I am really out doing it. This time. From one thousand nine hundred ninety seven in sync self titled Album Dropping. The next year Phil Hartmann the actor and and comedian. We know him of course from Saturday. Night live this is the night he was murdered by his wife while he was asleep. He was forty nine years old when he was killed. If you've been in the fanny pack for awhile you know that I mean Bravo obviously is my drug of choice but right there with Bravo. I love a true crime story. And if you're going to make it a celebrity true crime story you better believe I am into it fills wife Brynn. Shot Him in his sleep. One of the bullets hit the right side of his neck. One hit him in his Chin. His press right forearm. The shots were no more than eighteen. Inches away oh but the most damaging shot was the one fired point blank. Just above the bridge. Phil's nose and the bullet ended up passing through his skull and his brain before it stopped. It was reported that the death was quick. Maybe even instantaneous and this broke my heart report said that it appeared that Phil had been smiling as if he had been in the middle of a good dream. Isn't that dissatisfying thing? So if I remember this correctly and I remember Howard Stern left Howard growing up. I'm not listening anymore because it's on serious and I'm poor but I just love her. We would always talk about Phil Hartmann. He was such a fan but from what I understand from what I remember. And please give more details on this story. If you know the fanny pack is the facebook group so go to facebook checking the groups for the fanny pack? It's the honest entertainment group where we keep these conversations going. If I'M NOT MISTAKEN. Bill's wife had left and called a friend of hers admitted that she had killed him and had like been out and about for several hours before she ended up being arrested. There's so many more details to. Oh you know what she'd wasn't because she ended up shooting herself. She killed herself. I just remembered that I'm going to need to go back and read this because this is. This is a lot on pack. I can't believe I forgot this much anyway. Finally a more appropriate transition. I mean this is kind of dark while this is very dark going from Phil Hartman's murder to the year. Two thousand this win the Marshall Mathers. Lp The third album by EMINEM was released. It is the fastest ever selling studio album later. Best rap album in two thousand one happy anniversary to the Marshall Mathers LP. It is the twentieth year anniversary crazy. This was EMINEM's third album so I think his first one was in ninety eight. He was popping him out quick. But this one I was actually and if we're able to safely leave the house later this year there is an anniversary coming up for the song. Stan which is a favourite eminem Song of mine but it's about like a stalker fan stand. Who will end up committing a crime? Which was the connection to you. The Phil Hartmann Story from just a second ago but I was going to have a stand party where we're not killing anybody but we are dressing to honor our favorite celebrities that we may Stan. So naturally I'd be pretty spears because it makes sense. Ooh Also an Eminem News in two thousand two. He released his fourth album called the M. Show and it ended up of course because it's eminem ended up winning the billboard album of the year in two thousand two and the grammy for best rap album in two thousand three. I'M GONNA call it out like I really liked 'em when he came out. I thought it was so interesting. He so dark. He is obsessed with murder as I am. So the dark part of my heart definitely a fan but it all just became more and more of the same and it's not bad it's just it didn't hold my attention. I grew and I feel like eminem. Even though his lyrical content is amazing the sound is just a little monotonous for me and again. That's my opinion. Another Hollywood split Holy Shit. In Two thousand three twenty six year old Angelina Jolie divorced her forty seven year. Old Husband Billy Bob Thornton due to irreconcilable differences that was. I don't remember them being together that long. I do remember this being very popular and we were all just like what the hell. What the Hell wasn't she wearing a vial of his blood around her neck. The whole thing was very strange. This whole thing just never made sense to me and well. It didn't make sense to them either because they divorced I also wanted to mention the finale of the Oprah Show in two thousand eleven. I mean Oprah is life. I don't need to tell anybody that but one thing that I loved. The one season only show that I enjoyed it was on Netflix. It wasn't great but the scripted repulse show. Aj in the queen the Queen. Oh my God. I can't even remember her name. But Ru Hall's character called read something having to do with the color red. I don't remember anyway. She was obsessed with the Oprah show and in her tour. Bus would just rerun episodes via vhs in her bus as she traveled across the country. I forgot what I didn't forget but it was just nice to be reminded. What a huge impact oprah hat on so many and how? She's just so beloved and Oprah really is all that she's just a real treasure an American treasure in the year. Two thousand thirteen only got so many divorces Courtney Cox and David Arquette. I loved them in scream movies together. They divorced after thirteen years of marriage. I blame Courtney Cox's bangs from the ladder screen movies. Those buildings were horrendous. And I can't say I blame David. Arquette sure it might be shallow but you know I'm right. It's sometimes hard to admit when you're right when it's that bad but those bangs were an assault on all of our is in. I still think she's issued an apology for that. So Courtney Cox we're waiting 'til talk the next year in two thousand fourteen o finally marriage and this one's actually still together rapper. Record producer. General Weirdo Kanye West. Married porn actress Kim Kardashian in Florence. I mean the fact that people consider the Kardashians American royalty makes me WANNA jump off a bridge not literally to think that these two have three children together and seemed to be in a somewhat normal relationship. I don't know if I can say that with a straight face and I don't know what my voice just did but they've been together well. I'm going to do some math here. If that was two thousand fourteen. That was six years ago. And Wow I'm going to say that's about five years longer than I thought it would last so we shall see. Oh devastating news. Two Thousand Fifteen. Netflix announced that Mary Kate. And Ashley Olsen will not be appearing on the full House Revival Fuller House. I loved at the beginning of the show will first of all. It was enjoyable at the beginning. Every season of this show gets worse but I love that they call them out. They broke the fourth wall and had the sisters look at the camera and kind of say leg up. We all know why. Michelle isn't here. And they played it up which I enjoyed but I have not heard anything. And this was actually a recent convert in the fanny pack facebook group. I HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. Mentioning Aunt Becky and her cheating scandal. So apparently there is another half season. That's still to come out for Fuller House. I really hope they mentioned because I hate it when huge things like that happen and the show can't address it. It just seems very obvious so last time they played up this absence. Mary Kate and Ashley. They did such a good job without one. I hope that you do the same for an Becky. Another oof just terrible story in two thousand sixteen. This is when Bill Cosby was ordered to stand in trial in a sexual assault case in one of the many sexual assault cases. I was thinking about it. Isn't it weird? That bill cosby grew up watching the cosby show. That was my fucking jammed dude. I loved the huxtables to think that Bill Cosby is. The Ted Bundy of rape is the craziest Shit. I've heard in my life. I mean if you would've told me in that twenty twenty we'd being quarantine and bill cosby would be in prison for being a serial rapist. I would've told you to write that shit down in a book when truth is stranger than fiction something that we still hear about a lot. The twenty sixteen divorce. This is the day actually that amber herd filed for divorce from fellow actor Johnny Depp. I couldn't tell you anything. Amber herd has done. I'll be totally honest. I know she's a model. Apparently from this source that she's an actress too. I just think it's it's so sad when somebody love growing up like Johnny Depp. Lake Johnny Depp was life. He was everything twenty. One Jump Street was just my heart pitter-patter to see him grow into such a weird old guy kind of like a younger version of John Travolta minus the scientology but equal in the strangeness. It's just so hard to see somebody that you've had such a crush on for so long. Grow to be like a really weird old man anyway. He's not even fifty four or something. So fifty six. Maybe something like that. Anyway Oh this was horrible and an amazing story for this young woman in twenty seventeen the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena in England killing twenty two and injuring fifty nine happened. That's that concert that Ariana Ground Day was singing in and I'm gonNA sound so shallow and stupid right now but I had really not loved..

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