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I'm already too close. I'm doing snow on my driveway. Come help me put the doc out this that Had cut this tree down. Oh, you have to choose Kenny. You have to choose next next to next, Tonto. I thought you meant next question. I'm like you really isn't No, I'm going to do next to Colin and I talk about that. Like when we build Southfork will build like a little golden Girls house for Laurie and my mother will build right on the wrath will build like in the back of the, however the back of the property Okay. Next, would you rather have to have two extra limbs of your choice or two extra eyeballs wherever you want. Hmm. Limbs e want to extra arms? Yes, if we could do to you guys, you guys play the exactly. You play the same game I do like when you go to the grocery store. You try to carry every single one of the bags into the house. You don't want to make any trips. Yeah. Yeah. So that's why I'm with legs anymore. Arms eyes would be good, because then when you're driving you could you don't have to worry about turning around to look at your blind spot. Just part your hair on. Have couple eyes back there. Yeah. Uh, see enemies coming, You know, out on the tundra or Yeah, no, God. Yeah, Never mind. I want eyes wherever I want them because I can cover it with hair limbs. You're never gonna be able to find clothes. You're gonna be odd looking. No one will date you because you're gonna be that weird octopus person. You know what I mean? I'm thinking of myself esteem, so Oh, yeah. Find someone.

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