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Course, is inside citizens Bank park as we get set for the rubber match of the series fills the Mets they one o'clock afternoon. Baseball here today on WIP, and of course, fallen a just glorious first heading for the Phil's last night. That was unbelievable fills with the ten run. I it really wanted to game in the first inning. Obviously, you pretty much knew should have a pitching collapse that the game was over by about seven forty last night. But a great job of the Phil's last night back at it today 'cause hear the game will W I pay explosive. Seventy Sixers story that will get into. We'll discuss Christmas. Sixers getting ready for game three versus the Brooklyn. Nets tomorrow now eight days from the NFL draft. So a lot to hit today shirt and show in affiliates. Baseball so hop where the phone lines and we'll get hit eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four. There is much discuss again. Eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four. Jeter camera. John Ritchie, Richie, rich. I got two facts today. Joe I is is as per what you were just talking about yesterday was the first time the Phillies since the current mound. Distance was established in eighteen ninety three the Phillies scored eight runs against the starting pitcher and force the opponent to go to the bullpen before out was even recorded. That's the prizes me a lot actually unless you really shocks me. Yeah. My second fact, the average Cumulus cloud is one point one million pounds. That's a hundred elephants over our heads at any point in time means the sky, strong it, you're right. I'm saying. Yeah. Gives a lot of those clouds up there in the sky. I let her go to eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four John what a game yesterday what I ending over right away. Credit obviously to all those guys that got onto the first any real mutual, obviously. With the big cats Kingery, the home run franca, the home run John Scotty, Kingery, man. This guy was this. This has the makings of like, a Nelson Agwu or Brandon grand kind of thing. But I think even more than from the standpoint of like, I I didn't care here. Going be a better baseball player than what Adler is established negligence establish that he's very solid pro football player. I've got high hopes now for Scott Carey, wh what did you see last night, man? And kind of how it translates movement for that was awesome. Scott Kingery has become what was promised essentially much. And I think it's just Uman nature to sort of doubt. What you see because we've got a whole season. Last year of does disappointment watching him overmatched at the plate watching. You know, the the first time or tight mistakes that were prevalent. I believe. I you know, like I've been waiting. I've been praying. I've been hoping that the predictions of production where accurate. Yep. Since we've been you know, I hearing his name. The coaches, you know, the staff everyone raved about Scott King. Wait till you see this guy's attitude. Where did you see the way this guy attacks the baseball with you know, when you see him run the bases? If it's perfect everything. He does he worked so hard. He's a great example. And then we saw him play. And it was like is this the same guy or exactly what what Gibbs, and you know, the baseball there's a ton. And there really are. There are a ton of big time prospects that fail and certainly go back just about five years ago. Whatever it was Dom Brown's classic example. And we've seen it plenty of times. Philadelphia sports, you know, Phillies in particular baseball prospects, have a high high end prospects have a high tendency to fail and so that was our like failure in. I think we all agreed that you know, the Phillies even though that contract that that they gave him the nine years. I think it was nine years with the. Yeah. We thought that the Phillies were getting ripped off. You know by the end of last season. I believe that the real Scott King or is. Well, he's not he's not the one who has a one point seven four three O PS over the last seven games. I do think that the real Scott Kingery is exactly what we're seeing. Just not as amazing as the last seven games. I think he's a great young talent. And I'm super excited to see how this plays out. But there's no way all of those experts all of those coaches, you know, the the GM himself who evaluated. This guy raved about him. There's no way they were all wrong. You know, like the last year didn't make sense in light of the fact that you had a lot of people who knew a lot about baseball who were all saying the same things about this guy yet. That's not what we saw for a variety of reasons. Last year. You know, people point to the fact that he played every defensive position on the field. So so to speak and never found that comfort zone. I was more concerned with the fact that he was swinging at everything that was my he was missing by foot. He went on the two things he really struggled with me to my either two things he really struggled with last year or high fastballs and breaking balls low and away he seemed to be overmatched by both. Yes. Yes. And I'll tell you this and look I don't hear from everyone reaction to last night's Phillies game. If you're here at the ballpark, John and I are right now. Or if you watch it on TV or listen here on wwl pay eight seven to nine ninety nine four for a great game. Certainly one from a Phillies fan standpoint kind of you know, an look it's the sixteenth game of the season. I believe that's what it was. I mean, how important is it? It's one game out of one sixty to stabilize things a little bit. They had been kind of faltering a little bit in the last week. You can take deep breaths and fuel a little better. They did without Hoskins last night. They get to sixteen games in ten and six obviously that's tracking to one hundred wins. You times that by you know, the ten and be like being one hundred sixty so there on that sort of pace but on the Kingery front. You know, specifically trust what we're seeing what your eyes are seeing right now with Scott King. Yeah. Is this the real Scott Kingery? I believe that it. Yeah. I do too. Look eighty eight seven nine nine hundred ninety one I'll say this John we try to find when coaches speak a manager and assistant someone in the front office, a general manager and owner a player he tried to find I do as a fan, and as a media member some kind of morsel in there that you can hold onto and the grabs your attention. And I can honestly say if everything that came out of spring training. I guess maybe other than Harper's immediate just bond with the Phillies and Philadelphia which was massive and important and stunning how quick it happened. And how much it happened the next biggest thing for me? And that that whole forty five days or whatever that they were in spring training was what Larry Bowa said you, and I when we talked about Kingery, and we were looking I was looking down the eye of the question. It looks dead. And the response was not just this year. This was last year. No, no. But I'm saying to me this year this year and the year before, but you're talking about this year because it said stuff before and then we saw and many of them had there was Kingery troubling Jaber lion. But like they were just so face to me. It wasn't light. It's the players fail. Good players in the minor leagues fail. All the time. Big lakes, but would boas said when he said to us just a month ago in Florida. They Kingery was going to have a different approach to play. Yeah. He was going to have less than that launch angle stuff. And he was going to try to be a line drive hitter. Which is what he wasn't a minor lakes and just let Scott King as he said just get back to being who he really is. That gave me confidence. Well, they may have figured something. So then they figured it. And you see these first two and a half weeks and he's hitting the ball. It's like okay now, I think the Phil I thought that was so encouraging. And I wasn't sure that if it was boa or if it was clinic, I think they both talked about this that Scott got too concerned with these. You know, the Matthey part of it and he became a different player than what brought him so much success in the minors. They said, you know, what we scrapped everything we said, let's get back to the basics. You be you, and it was bearing fruit in spring training. Now, we're seeing why they've raved about half for years. And I believe it is sustainable because he's back to being, you know, his true self. It's not clouded by the uncertainty of where he'll be playing. You know, he's he's accustomed to that at this point. It's not clouded by the uncertainty of L the launch angle. How do I how do I accomplish what they want me to do that? They want him to go out and beat him yet. And finally, he's doing that credits. A Kappler obviously for permitting that sort of adjustment after a year. Obviously, we're Kingery struggled in the in the in the way they were trying to get him going last year at eight eight seven to nine ninety four nine four Scott King reaction last night. It's specific to Kingery the trust your I see right now with. King. Or now, John let's talk the team. They win the game. Again, they get to sixteen games ten sex. It's it's it's four games above five hundred. But again, extrapolate it out you're at one hundred sixty now, we know that's not how it works. I get it. And if they lose last night than their ninety seventy now, so I mean, but sixteen games in John here. This this ball club who are the real fills. I mean the last week we can have little bit of rollercoaster. Who do you think the real fills are as we as we sit here? Now, the middle part of April what he said, so far I think that this is a playoff bound team. That is at the upper end of you know, the fills teams that we've seen in recent memory that includes the, you know, the storied once this team, I believe that this team is that good. I believe that this team. They haven't even scratched the surface in terms of getting cohesion from their pitching staff and. We've learned that they can account for the mistakes of the starting pitchers with a an incredible offense. Which is a great luxury. Tremendous luxury. We've also learned that despite the fact that they started out a little bit shakey are bullpen can pull together. I think we're all still worried about that. And we know that there are improvements that can be made. We know that this front office clinic himself told us like if changes need to be made. We'll we'll go out and find somebody before the trade deadline. So I think it's a work in progress. I think it's it's not a finished product in terms of the pitching. And that will only help our cause. But I think that this team is that good I dated eight seven to nine ninety four nine four. So who are the real fills mid April here look to me they are not a hundred win team. I vacillated on this. The pitching to me is not. It's not good enough. I don't think unless things change and they could. But I don't think the pitching is really great enough. Let's say to one hundred one team I do think their playoff team. Well, you're saying that they're not one hundred win team. But there are ninety five and they're in the nineties main. Oh, no, I'm not ripping him. I'm just saying who do I think the r I think they're a playoff team. I think we're saying I think we probably will win in the nineties. I mean, that's that's because the pitching, and if the rest of the division wasn't as good as it is they would be a hundred win team. There is no doubt in my mind. But these these teams in the NFL east will beat one another will end up with ninety five win something like that. Or exactly playoff bound. Exactly what I said at the start of the year ninety three which I mean, I have a tendency to be right about these things, but, you know, eight seven to nine even John was closer on a Sixers production share. But I don't really wanna talk about that in at eight seven to nine ninety four nine. All right. Dr. Out of the ballpark. We want to hear from you here last night TV radio last night. Let's go Kingery showing a lot. You really is. And the seventy Sixers story we'll get into that coming up next as well. We got Phillies tickets to give away today. We've got AMA today at eleven o'clock busy show jam packed yet in eight eight eight seven to nine from the ballpark ninety four ninety four discount travel sites. Say they.

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