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The guardian it's becoming increasingly clear that the internet is dominated by a few key rich and powerful players to the detriment of our privacy a concept of trust and even optima chrissy these corporations are not politically neutral they have needs when i spoke with arab schmitz and he told me you know every day i wake up and i fight regulation it's what i do it's my job so they are not a political as melvin crass briggs says technology neither good nor bad nor is it neutral it's who owns and crew trolls this technology that's what will determine whether we live in a feudal system inner a future wore a democratic system content in our system we don't check what people say before they say it and frankly i don't think society should want us to freedom means you don't have to ask for permission first and that by default you can say what you want and view break our community standards are you break the law that are going to face consequences afterwards he i'm jordan erika weber and in this series we're looking at internet enabled distributor and how even technology designed to do good can end up causing harm in the first episode we talked about the threat to privacy posed by the business models of companies who harvest odd data so that they and others can use it to make money we don't seared we can control it then we explored the changing face of trust how the sharing economy has led us to trust individuals instead of institutions and how the opaque algorithms that determine who we can trust could be used against us first undermining frosted flakes orange nothing and then returned to democracy learning how data companies can provide those who wish to sway elections and referendums with the ability to target individual voters in the privacy of their facebook the common thread in these discussions is rich and powerful people companies and even governments harvesting information from us and using opaque algorithms to allow them to make decisions about us predict our behavior and microtarget us with adverts for goods and services or even political ideologies for this final episode we're going to explore what ordinary citizens can do to take back control we don't have to go for good perfect solution of decentralised rian open interoperable solutions we need to.

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