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The break we're in the process of process of tweeting those out so josh allen is ten in an aids right was that the our internet up right now are it's very internet sharks today 10 in in eight right okay uh last i'm i actually have all the i everyone's nick falcons 9 and 3 aides um whereas mesa rudolf doesn't matter so 9 and 3 aids in luke falk is the is the tiny one today in terms of hand size luke falk of wazoo so he's nine three aides yes our very own chris brayden has more nfl acceptable hands then luke falk of washington state because chris measured in at nine and a half y'all ya already ninety nine and a quarter it was nine and a half and then it was nine and a quarter assists in their nine accord or nine out of and while i was ten in threeeighths too 9 and three quarters i already knew as a un 9 and 3 quarters boop fall k 9 and 3 aides so you have more acceptable nfl hands um wheels in i jared gough would laugh at wheels and i i came in at eight and a half wheels came in at eight and a quarter while and like i said i already knew this 'cause i have to buy their extralarge the could it could at extralarge golf gloves which mejet a wide whitehead not big and long since wide like paul so anyway i feel i feel like nfl quarterback you right right because i care you at least have one of the measurable i can hook of all though although you would be on the the smaller side bright but not the smallest and i think i'm taller than bake for mayfield so that's two marriage drew so we're good other than no athletic ability and i'm slow an old i got that going for me so there you go that's tweeted out at extra sports 1300 if you would like to uh peru that and.

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