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Well, then I guess one could say that's a crazy, stupid idiot. Khalid and Bradley present C ous. I stands for Crazy, Stupid idiot! It sure does. Why? Well, because the world is full of crazy, stupid idiots, Dumb people doing dumb things repeatedly. Over and over again, oftentimes in the state of like Florida, because that's where we're beginning. Today. We're goingto Vero Beach, and we're going to meet a 28 year old Florida man named James flew rants. And Mr Flew rant ranted about 1 45 bizarrely am ah at police. What was he complaining about? Well, you know, he decided to pick up the nine the one and the one all three of them together and complained about seeing something that he did not want to see and Didn't really make much sense and police were very confused. Um, so hilarity ensued. Was the thing that he did not want to see in aliens, but close. Really? Yes. How did you know that? I don't know. I just assumed aliens, But are you serious? It's close was aliens. Oh, really? Yes. The 28 year old Florida Man was arrested early yesterday for misusing 901 after placing a bizarre 1:45 a.m. call to the police emergency line. Okay, But who are you supposed to call if you see aliens? Well. If you see aliens, you should probably call your doctor. Because aliens don't exist. And you've got a few screws loose. So if it's 1, 45 and you see little green men actually stop drinking and go to bed. However, Mr Flew rants, the Vero Beach resident that he was called. 911 said he was seeing little aliens. Little ones flying low to the ground, even added that he did not want to go to Independence Day on them. Or go Independence Day on them, which was an apparent movie reference. Tio movie Independent pendant. Stay right in the film. Of course, Invasion of aliens is repelled. But not before earthling suffer widespread death and destruction. Here. Because he wasn't actually sealing seeing aliens and was there for wasting the time of the nine. The one in the one was arrested. Did they check to see if there were aliens? Is that how they knew? No. In fact, they knew because they know there are no such things. I'll be really frustrating if you were seeing aliens and nobody believed. You know what I would do is I would just turn your phone on. Take some video to the Internet. Good idea. Yeah, okay. If you see little man Actually, before you posted to the Internet. I would show a friend because very likely what you've put. What you've recorded is not aliens. It's something else, and I would hate for you to be determined to fool by those around you. The Internet is pretty unforgiving. Have I ever told you the story about the time we were on an overnight flight? And I was very, very troubled at the fact that nobody else was freaking out about the green flashing light that was following us and like at the exact same distance The whole time. I mean, for literally an hour to an hour and a half. I kept checking out the window. It was still there, and I was like Why is nobody else noticing this and freaking out right now? You mean the light on the the light on the way? Yeah, I was going to say also an episode of the Twilight Zone. Colleen Yeah. With John Lythgoe. That's like one of the weirdest episodes. By the way, it's still bring gives me nightmares. Terra 10,000 ft. The original starring William Shatner. Not that You remember that all the Twilight Zone, the movie that movie Man, that movie is we year NW and scary. One might even say It's like the Twilight Zone. Yeah. That's my thought. I don't know. That's a good thankyou s O. He was arrested in the aliens just got to keep roaming free. Worthy in flying snowplows. No, my head in the head he bought. Take another Harley. We'd wags take another hit of your Harley. We'd wax Miley from a guy in a van in front of a taco shop. For okay for our next story. We're going to lost Angeles and we're going to meet a guy..

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