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To pull up a pew podcast download that there's lots of great interviews on there that I've been working on with some incredible people but I also do three episodes on the Bethel Baptist boys and girls home called series that is really runs parallel to what's going on here to Johnny Cash And that this is not a conspiracy these things do occur and they occur right under everybody's nose again, there's thousands of these locations, not just the United States but all around the world. So again, I just want to mention about the three dollars a month. Patriotic. If guys feel we're doing a good job a service here if you've downloaded the owl once was lost application. For IOS and Android nine courage you obviously to do that now if you haven't done it yet but deplete support us we we need that to keep that application going it was created completely for you guys and all of this good work that were dealing in Knicks, doing by keeping that up and going, and we're going to be adding quite a bit more to that. Also, with these cases ever diving into each week, and then when we have an actual missing persons obviously will be working on that immediately and in real time. So I urge you to go to patron dot com forward slash once was lost. And please join at the just the three dollar level Mont. that's all that we ask we have higher tiers where you can get merch like shirt with the very cool logo on it. And also a level where you can get a Mug with the logo on it. There's other products available as well but. We want to find somebody else other than Patriot the do that with. So that's why we're just encouraging people to just stick with the three dollars a month and if everybody that has. Has the OWL APP were to do that. We would have more than enough to keep going, keep it running every week keep it from ever crashing meaning the application and that it's working properly. when you need it most when your child or loved one happens to go missing. We knock on wood and hope that never happens but it does happen and it happens quite frequently. So you need to protect yourself from that and you need to make that prophylactic in..

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