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Hey what's up listener. Thank you for pressing play this week. On the Jock Nerd podcast Matt Reeves Batman Movie Finds Its Commissioner Gordon Game. I'm of thrones wins the Emmy for best drama but not much else and Jurassic world's three is bringing back the og cast of Jurassic Park Hark. He's alley plus. A Patriot sponsored movie review of Nineteen eighty-four is the last starfighter an update on all the crazy movies are patriots. Supporters Orders are forcing us to watch all that and much more in this edition of the Jock nerd weekly for Wednesday September Twenty Fifth Twenty nineteen. Hey what's up expanded that with all of the podcasts out there. How does JOCK NERD show stand out? How does that stand out? It's the only podcast to feature a beef chow main eating Grub Hub Order Count Surfing Comic Book Book Reading Three Logo Levering Ball scratching funny foulmouthed puppet name rug boy. Does that advertise you because it entice me one tape sir l. l. what's listener. How's IT hanging? Welcome welcome to the jock and heard podcast where we give you comic book and Superhero TV and movie news reviews and whatever we choose. My name is Ron. My name's Anthony He's the jock he's nerd and he screwed up that intro. If you added to this just know that it was edited it was edited. I completely flopped. I and the listener will never know except now no anthony thanks for pass. My spot now listener rug boy boy unfortunately couldn't be here this weekend but he was nice enough to send along his baby unit robot clone. what's up painter rugs? How's it going hello? I am a Boehner. Oh you do does it do. I don't know what do it. Yeah you would have many clone masturbating. Oh Oh he is the best or Beta well look a long way to get there long and no one can you can't clone the rug boy. There's no way nothing is. They broke like the mall. Nothing is as good as the original you got D got your Dick Huemer right right. Go right at the top. Yes Dick Human Rights. Just imagine thousands of years from now people will build a forty foot animatronic version of you and pray to it right. Oh Shit that could happen sure why not stupid things have happened. We think Anthony Rugby is going to be the leader of religion where we goin this from. I don't know oh I've just a really serious. What are you doing? Where is this what references I have? No Hi Dea. I'm seeing the when they worshiped the nuclear bomb in beneath the planet of the Apes. Is that what you're talking for. Some reason giant King Kong in the all different is nine hundred seventy S. I think that's what happened because I was watching Kong Skull Island on cable yesterday and just made me think of the giant Animatronic Kong. I think they should do that with rock boy. Okay all right. Get it done. Future people let Vicki News Z. Chocolate. NOBODY DOES RUTSKOI BELLY. Does I know what we're talking about. Is Matt leaves the Batman Movie Coming Out Twenty Twenty one starting to take shape a little bit more we have Robert Pattinson or Batson or are bats playing band slash Bruce Wayne in this new movie and now Hollywood reporter reporting the Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy winner Jeffrey Wright is in talks to play Commissioner Gordon Jeff Right best known from westworld swirled and also he'll be the voice of what the watcher in the marvel what if animated series that will be on plus. This guy is a great fucking actor. I'll tell you that right. Now that's right. I think this is a further confirming that the old DC. EU is is dead obviously because they've recast Batman and Commissioner Gordon everyday you know Jeffrey right from anywhere I know the name I've seen him a little bit but I'm going to default to you guys in terms of thoughts on this. I I saw this dude in this movie about Jean Michel Basquiat the paint there. Oh was the movie called Basquiat was he in that yes I think he played Basquiat. What Jeffrey Wright Played Basquiat met? Let me look this up because that was I might be right that that Oh strike that was a great man that was with the gorgeous clear for Lonnie yes. She was like the very skinny girl but was still kinda. Cute it which which is you know hard to do for bony chicken like yeah so he was great that he kind of channel that dude yeah and and he's great and Westworld. He's Kinda got like a low energy to him. He's got this calm energy him which I think Commissioner Gordon Need Right now yeah we've had heard some stuff about him being not traditional commissioner Gordon in and all that stuff but I think that Robert Pattinson is you know. I don't know he's kind of a wild card. You need something to kind of. Prompt this movie up with something solid so I think he's a solid pillar. You can rely on a performance regardless of how he matches actors up to the tradition despite race they just picked the right guy for the job teams like this energy. He's got the right the right kind of energy. He's been hot hot lately because of Westworld and I think he'll be great. of course you know he fills in the role that was most recently played by we said J. K. Simmons and Justice League a one and done and jk didn't really have a lot to do with Gordon in that movie he was all right. I guess that how big is parking to be in the movie. Well it could be it could be going to be like instrumental. They always bandy about like all. This big deal like even shaky Simmons was him he didn't do Shit but looking Gary Oldman's Commissioner Gordon from Nolan movies they him and Batman had a partnership they you know they were that developed over three move yeah yeah and so this one isn't a it's. The Batman is not going to be another sequel. This is like young man in his prime with possibly him being ready ready for a franchise him. Oh I mean. I don't know they goes well. They're probably you know all you can do a whole series of the Batman. This is GonNa be a Hanover reboot because you could go the route of this being a young Batman Yup and a you commissioner Gordon that has vitiligo and become hosts it is going to be ext next out of mixed race or black. Oh Barbara Gordon Agassi is in yeah because she could be mixed race unless or yeah there's all sorts of re as you could explain it but that's Kinda like but that's a bold move like they're basically not only changing one character but now the the succession of that character everything that comes from the Gordon family. That's a good point so if they do introduce back girl and it is Barbara Gordon they also introduce backers now Barbara Gordon but it's gotTa be proper Gordon Right. I'm just digging. Maybe a potential Michael Jackson situation with he got so proud. Though I it happened to me surgery happens like it's a thing people I was born. A little brown boy grew up into a white man. It habits thing that happens but I think that's a good pick. Who's your favorite Gordon out of all of them like we had pat hang all from the Batman? Tim Burton Movies Ben McKenzie on Gotham of Course J. K. Simmons Gary Oldman there. It wasn't the same guy throughout all the the nineties early or late eighties early nineties single was in all four of those magazines Yup. He was in Batman Batman. Yeah my returns back. Batman and Robin was yes. I like the Gordon from the Sixties Neil Hamilton he was so sixties Uh Investment Ben McKenzie MMA not the best that even though you had five years to play Commissioner Garden Garden he was okay. He's kind of commissioner wooden. I don't know Mackenzie. No no no bit Marina Bacher in on the other J. K. Simmons didn't have have much of a now roles count now Gary oldman's Boat Joe Jim Gordon Gary Oldman's great and also yeah this is Gary Oldman's almonds because Gary Oldman up until that point was always the villain and a lot of movies right so then you you flipped it and I thought he played a good understated Gordon. The other rumor from Batman is variety is reporting that two time Academy Award nominee Joe Name Hill in talks for a villain role confirmed people are guessing penguin or the ridler. I think they should stay away from both of those guys but you don't think you should either one. I I wouldn't mind him putting but what do do we think about Jonah Hill first off. He's he's not a bad is another Jesse Eisenberg situation idol I I see I like Joan a hill in in what I've seen in in better than Jesse. She is in Britain Shit. That's hard God. Maybe they're about to say really doesn't make I think he should be like a toy maker after I wouldn't mind him as the ridler because that's kind of like a weird person would be like to obvious what if he's Klay Fay's Klay faced. Would it be bad ad I mean we know that they're pulling heavily from the long Halloween and probably things like hush like there's GonNa be a lot of villains in this movie his whole rogues gallery what's Jonah Hill's most serious role he was in moneyball thousand one of those pretty good because even like wolf of Wall Street he plays a goofy character right yeah donny but he could play good like drama. Comedy Ish mostly comedy. I guess I mean I seen seen him in some serious stuff and he's fine in it but like you kinda like going all right. You're acting pretty good but I'd rather see you like do stupid. Shit uh-huh he's great in twenty one to twenty one jump street's but again the nineties you remember like Robin Williams. He was more enjoyable royal as an actor then a comedian like as his comedy was like so crazy it was like only in small doses but when he was a good actor and he acted in those movies. He's brought so much to them. You'd rather see Mac. He was over to that yet. He was creepiest. Fuck Robin Williams in that movie about taking pictures in the was it photo booth when our look dude a lot of the brilliant comedians they have deep dark things in them. I I think that there are more versatile than straight drama actors you think and then you watch like Adam Sandler and click and you're like please. He's got he's got something goodbye like him when I didn't like whole Shell on comedic actors comedic actors trying to do some trying their hand at being a serious this actor Will Ferrell try a little bit in one movie but I just think they have lanes Eddie Murphy. Yes comedic actor tried his hand. At some serious roles. Yeah sometimes worked sometimes. He's so any Murphy's doing dolemite movie. That's coming out on Netflix. This might be a huge huge comeback comeback for him huge role for him. It looks really good. back to the Joe Hill thing 'cause this is one A. Help. This guy from variety just intrigued by the Jonah Jonah Hill though I I it's an interesting casting. I'm not sure if it's going to work but I'm I'm at least intrigued to see what they would put. The CAST is interesting. Already have patents in Jeffrey Wright enjoyed a hill like this is already an interesting what kind of Batman movies there's GonNa be gone definitely distancing themselves on the Snyder universe which is probably one of the big things they wanna do but variety reporter Justin crawl apparently he tweeted that this offer to journal. He's had it for months. It's been on the table apparently Jona own a hill wants as much as ten million dollars to star in this movie and our Pattinson isn't even making half that they said he's been to five billion so I was like hit a ball a hill will he is a bigger name use the big hard patents and it comes down to like you Jack Nicholson Michael Keaton thing and the first Batman where you had to give Jack a lot more money. It's fucking Jack Nicholson by so. That's why this is stalled so we'll see if they come up on the money he can play the pin penguin combination of the penguin there. There's this other article from Hollywood reporter..

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Commissioner Gordon, Commissioner, Batman discussed on The Jock and Nerd Podcast

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