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Use time. 3 44. Let's get an update now on coma Traffic. Do that for you. Every 10 minutes on the fours from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Centre Trouble, Marina. What do we see? Well, you found 522 just East Tobacco Lake Road. We now just have the right lane blocked as crews try to work to get that blocking issue out of their south and I five is solid from 85th in a downtown Seattle north on slow to from 5 22 almost Northgate North when I find in Mountlake Terrace is also struggling from about 2 20 or one 75th, just north of one 75th. Past the county line CH four or five crowded in Bellevue, 5 22 Newcastle something I find quite heavy from Highway 18 to just north of 70. It's struggling along Grund, five from Yakima Avenue to the Puyallup River. That's a good traffic is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples Connect has everything to help you get ready for back to school. With amazing prices on everything on your list. Visit your local staples Store or staples. Connect dot com and be more than ready for school staples. Next Cuomo traffic at 3 54. So many getting back to school. Hope you had a pretty good day. Today and this week. Let's take a look at our weather. No, it's your back in class, and you're looking at what's with this Sunshine's gorgeous We'll have clear skies tonight lows in the fifties tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds high seventies and the near 70 on Friday with also a mix of clouds and sunshine downtown Seattle now 81 Stay connected. Stay informed. Comeau News sponsored by Tub Cove, Bathroom and shower, remodel with ELISA Jaffe. I'm Rick van size Our editor. Is Kathy. Okay? Biden administration says rising prices of beef, poultry and pork are causing Americans Grocery bills to go up. White House economist Brian D. Says big meat.

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