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They both would probably be top three guys ever. And then when you just look at the group mccourty and Dont'a Hightower the now, they could buy they all have three championships each what's crazy. Is you think about Brady think about the six, and you still talking about the Rodney Harrison's, the Rabaul's the Bruce keys this new core of guys Eshelman gronk mccourty and Hightower like their their ability to play with each other. Now, again, they're just baseline of talent is really high right gronk, arguably the greatest tight end ever Macoris. He's been just an invaluable chess piece for bell, Jack in his defense, a backfield Hightower has just been an awesome level. I don't even know really what position he plays. He's like a pass rusher hybrid linebacker the bell Jack uses really well. And then Edelman arguments on social media, I'm torn a little bit. I don't know if he's a hall of Famer, but he's just an hall. He's a chance. Champion. That's how I describe in that core that cohesion you read cheesy business books, and they're always tell you, you know, it's not about the buildings. It's about the people in the buildings while in sports like you need LeBron or staff. Right. You need Brady. Rodgers you know, you need Ray Lewis you need dudes. But once you have the dudes how they come together matters. And I saw good kind of went viral this weekend of Ed re talking about the two thousand twelve team when they won the Super Bowl. He's like everything matters. I told guys like you get in after a game. And you cut your tape off. Are you going to be lazy and just throw it on the ground? He's like the trash is right there. Just throw it away, you know, and there's a respect level when everyone's high level. And that's why I think that raven team, for example, in two thousand twelve Ed Reed, Terrell suggs, just so many high level guys, obviously right Lewis that it's easy to see that cohesion and chemistry as we become more. And more numbers driven in sports will always matter. The most influential, and I think you saw last night or yesterday, or I guess if you're listening to this on Tuesdays couple days old now the patriots did not play. Well, they were not playing that. Well, but their championship players are just gonna come through and their cohesion with each other. They played with each other for so long now Eshelman has been catching Brady balls now for ten years gronk men catching balls from Brady for nine. I know you're gonna laugh. It sounds kind of funny hightower's been making plays now in mccourty four years at the highest level they've won at the highest level consistently. Like, it's one of the truly great. I know around here, you know, if you're if you're Jerry Rice Ronnie Lott, but there are other guys that walk around here that are made men in the bay area. Like Brent Jones us walked around like a champion. You know, just damn there's Roger Craig certain guys that you know, obviously gronk and Brady are by far the most famous. Elements probably not gonna make the hall of fame. But he does have an MVP like Hightower mccourty. I don't think mcchord is gonna make the hall of fame. But he's he's a damn good player. That's an incredible core of super smart super tough super talented. I guess the ultimate and the irony is very football. Right. The quarterback six round pick the Super Bowl MVP the slot receivers. Seventh round pick who was a quarterback. The tight end was a second round pick. Now, he was a first round town, but he had a bad back and he's dealt with injuries his whole career and the other two defensive guys are first round picks. But it's just it's it's never like seven first rounders. It's always like you sprinkle and look at Seattle's core. All those years had a third round or fifth rounder. A third rounder couple first rounders, I it's just always a mix. And when you find the perfect mix starts with Tom and Bill, but they couldn't do this alone. Football is the ultimate team game in gronk and Ataman kicked. Ask yesterday. Hightower was everywhere..

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