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Don't know. Is that the worst idea in the world. I don't know. But i know i don't like the fiend stuff and i know bray wide if he's going to keep this thing going chris jericho. Reinvented himself. a lot in thirty years breath. Y it's going to have to do that a lot seemingly every year and he's gonna have to keep himself fresh and i think that might be a way you could do it and you still stay true to the bray white character. Look how he came in. He had a family yet. If he had followers he had his sheep. You know what would be going back to something like that. Just maybe a little bit more menacingly you know. We haven't seen a preacher character in a while have we. I mean we. We had the pope. The angela deniro kind of played a you know a play off of that. We had reverend yvonne. We had the fall of interest christopher daniels. We've had different different types of things like this but it's been a while since on the the main wwe stage. We've had something like that. So that may be a way to refresh the character. I don't know but the firefly funhouse still exists. Alexes playground still exists and raw still exists and Is listen to what i said about the show questions about this show going forward. Smackdown is coming up this week. There is and don't report on this. Because i don't know this to be true but there are rumblings and we'll we'll hear what we're gonzales says on annexed tonight when she gives her state of the xt women's championship speech tonight on a she mentioned anything about e shirai. Because it certainly would make a lotta sense since he. Oh shirai has exhausted almost well. Everything in annex t. There's really nothing else that she could do. Besides beat men that yoshi awry may show up on smackdown on on friday night and that would certainly be a very welcome addition. I if that is going to be the case that would be very very nice and there was a a random not random but there was a little News note that came out. That was reported by sean. Ross app fight full about that. Raquel eel match that they had eh stand and deliver that they actually had to cut a little bit of time off of that match and i wouldn't have noticed no idea unless it was reported but apparently the show actually was running a little bit long which was a rarity when it comes to the next shows. They're usually really well planned out so Apparently they had to have a little bit of time. Cut off of that but you know they. They certainly didn't miss a beat with it whatsoever. In we do get an x t tonight on tuesday night the wednesday night wars are all over with now and what we have coming up is state of the union addresses. I guess by both were kell. Gonzalez and carrying cross scarlett bordeaux. I would assume that the scarlet carrying cross thing. Hopefully it begins the show. I mean it would make the most sense for two to see to kind of set up across going to do next. We get the debut of taya valkyrie. Who is coming in as frankie monet. in case. you're wondering who. Frankie monet is. It is john. Morrison's girlfriend wife doesn't matter. She's not john morrison's anything she's taya valkyrie. And she's been around a long time and she's freaking good and she's alvin athlete and she's a new face. He's got a lot of charisma and good. That place needs stars. I mean they have a zillion women. The same way the zillion dude sign to the roster and they need more of them to stand down and she certainly going to help me. People stand out and plus if you wanna do some things when men to you get her in there doing rana's with llegado fantasma something like that. I mean i'd be all for that. So i'm happy to see her there speaking of llegado central's escobar's got an open challenge. Boy i wish swerve scott would accept that open challenge and we could just have you know and i know we've had one before but i would love to see a series of those matches with a lot better storyline than we had the first time around with with swerve in santos and speaking swerve. He's going to have a match with leon rough you know Leeann rough is a guy that they should debuted a lot. Better should have never had north american title. He's one of those plucky underdog guys that they could have slowly built in and really kinda built him up but You know the match will scott with a swerve is going to be good. They're going to be all over. The place drake maverick and killian dane against msk. They face each other in the tournament and s. k. One drake maverick and killing game match last week. That got him this title match. I could see killeen. Turning on drake maverick. Here plus footage from after a colon o'reilly's match that they had a takeover. I'm hoping out of this. Is that we get a situation like nick. Diaz and joe diesel riggs after ufc. I think it was fifty seven in two thousand six where we're going to get any match footage of this since we saw co going out on a stretcher. What i want is footage from the hospital where these two guys fist fighting again. In the same way that rigs and india's did and you can even have somebody run in and help cole the hopefully mcafee since some fantasy booking. This mcafee can run in in the same way that nate the as ryan in to the hospital and helped. Nick stomp out joe riggs. That actually happened everybody. That was a real thing that happened in. Since we're gonna be doing this with with colin o'reilly tonight give me something like that. Better take it to the phone calls now before we run out of time here and we've got a couple of people on the line. Let's start off crunchy and honolulu. David how are you hi. I finally know in lucid me. And i guess i am I don't know if you've talked about this. But what's your opinion on this stupid eight-man band whatever. The thing is called tag match. It just seems so random to me. What what do you think about that match. It looks horrible on this card bro. All right thank you see you know. Brian says these things about you. See i like the way that you set me up for that. Because i didn't mention that match yet and that is on the cards tonight. Yes indy hartwell. This laret johnny gargano and austin theory against bronson read shotsie blackout heart. Amber moon shots he blackout. I've had a couple of those ember moon. Dexter loomis is still in the next with this. I i wondered if we could see this possibility. It look like they may be going in the direction with with with la night. And you know what ellie night interfering in this giving the bad guys and bad girls win may could see that happening here. Let's go back to the phones. Tony in philadelphia. Tony what's happening. Yo sham solar stem show always love him only get a quick dig at my terrible eagles before it gets my wrestling point. Enjoy kyle pits. Mike king is stupid enough to trade out the top ten. But i digress last night. I said that that raw was the worst role. I've seen since the last all that i've seen that was a month ago. It was the word is overused but it was crane show decides the main event. I didn't enjoy anything. And you brought the point earlier about mason. Tibor the retribution. Gimmick is it over it's done. They're contracting role members and they broke up. Why are they not just dijakovic. Dio maddin magen. Well i can offer a little insight into that and again much like brian. I will say do not report this anywhere yet. But once again there are rumblings. I can say that there are rumblings here that we are going to see t bar in mace. I don't know if they're going to be using the government names but they will be back to using new characters they will be using some new characters having some new names. Maybe even having that full fresh coat of paint whether they joined the hurt business or not. I don't know but that looks to certainly be in the plans that next week when we see these guys again probably standing next to bobby lashley. They will actually have new names what that means for. Slap jack am. I.

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