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A tad as we get toward the middle of the week with the winds coming down, and we'll get the partly cloudy skies as we reached the weekend. Traffic and weather together on the 18 All news 1069 am 7 40 KCBS k CBS news time Now he has 6 50 as our news watch continues. Well hear about the new restaurant in Atlanta. CBS is Steve Hartman found out while on the road, he says it features locally sourced food's served outdoors on the tables and they're always full. It's the clientele, however, that is special. For Atlanta based food writer Angela Hansberger. This pandemic has been hard to swallow. Can't write about restaurants when they're closed. I was facing a lot of anxiety. I kind of hit it. Um, clashing crying. I was really sad for all the people. In the industry that I worked with. Angela says she had to get her mind off it Tarragon, so using ingredients from her garden and her encyclopedic knowledge of fine dining, Angela Open her own restaurant on her front porch, where she now serves. Chipmunk. This chipmunk. The little guys at a standing lunch reservation for months Now, whether it's veggie pizza and a side salad or imitation sushi with walnut want tons every day, Angela goes to remarkable lengths for her exclusive clientele. Took a while to try and make little tortillas that I could fold to put the to put the I love the way that you're seeking. I love how you're realizing out crazy. It sounds as you're saying it. Today. It's many spaghetti with tiny date meatballs and a thimble full of breadsticks. The chipmunk who she named Thelonious Monk typically arrives within seconds of serving. Eats his fill and packs the rest to go in his cheeky doggy bag, and the reviews have been good. The reviews have been great. One day He came up with this little tiny bundle wadded up leaves and put it on the table. So I take it to mean he brought a tip. Still, you get the sense that he remains skeptical. Like there's got to be a catch. Angela's cat wishes there was.

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