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Just a gut punch of the loss for the Red Sox against the division leading raise yesterday at Fenway Up 71 entering the fourth inning, Boston made four errors and ultimately lost 11 10 in 10 innings, So the lead on both Toronto and Seattle for the American League second Wild card spot is just three games based Chris Sales said after the meltdown. These kinds of things can happen in sports. If the outcomes are supposed to be known then then we wouldn't even have to play the game. And and that's why we play. The game is because Crazy stuff like this can happen, You know? Hey, we've been on the flip side of these crazy games right and we've won games. We shouldn't have one, and we just, you know, obviously lost when we should have one, so it doesn't make it feel any better. But going through this enough, you're going to realize that nothing that just happened is going to help us going forward. Other than the learning experience. Eduardo Rodriguez will try to end Boston's two game slide against Tampa tonight. The left Utah six scoreless innings in a win over the Rays last Thursday in Florida, he's four and one with the sub three er A since the start of August. Adam Cause Hoffman WBC Boston's news radio. 10 43, the super Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the Threes Rock by Boston, Logan. Explore the possibilities. Apply Logan dot com and let's get right to Kevin Brennan on the roads. All right, Laurie, Out to the West. We go this time Delays on 4 95 southbound here approaching route to 90 of that Marlboro stretch out in Brimfield. The Brimfield antique flea market started today. So expect delays here along route 20 through that Brimfield stretch Mass pike. You've got a nice ride Both directions between Sturbridge and Boston south of town, Route three north beyond hung up a bit here to the work zone after Route three and Kingston. And then heavier delays from before Route 53 hand over getting up past Derby Street 95 North being hung up just a bit here at the 1 28 95 ramp Here in Canton Expressway North found still a whole lot of company from granted Avenue most of the way up through Columbia Road. Southbound got delays as well. From Columbia Road Down through Savin Hill downtown..

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