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But yeah, I think there's room to be a chill conservative as my favorite spiritual. Guru Kevin Hart said we have to make room for people to learn and grow. So shit. No, but. Yeah, arab-ad, and you know, now now, you know, that we record Monday's episode. Also, Jack has a wild elbow size Mark on his chest. Brew. Yeah. The rock found him and deliver him. That's right in the middle boulevard. Didn't say it was just the millennials are the snowflake generation, right? Well, yeah. And this other thing of like that all these people fought for our freedom. And it just it read like just a tot- like like, Fox News thinking another reason to be offended about anything now setting us back. Yeah. And it's like setting us back, and I was putting it in the context of him calling VIN. Diesel candy ass on the set of fast and the furious. But again, I don't know the whole story there, it just it read, I sometimes occasionally get very intense gym teacher vibes from the rock. But this I have no right to bring those vibes up in the context of this story because fuck the British tabloid media. If you haven't seen the documentary tabloid. That should as wild by Earl Morris. It's about the British tablet median how they will just make up a story, basically. Should we check that out? Yeah. Should we talk about the box office? Let's talk about the box office get well. My main man Kevin Hart was number one against industry speculation. They didn't think the movie would break ten million his new movie the upside with Bryan, Cranston. Seeing the poster is about him pushing him in a wheelchair and smiling. Yes, basically. Manson is in the wheelchair. He's playing a paraplegic and Kevin Hart is his like nurse caretaker. And it's based on this French movie called the in touch Ables from number of years back like five or maybe a decade. I don't know how time works anymore 'cause I'm old. But it was this good French movie. I saw it wasn't great. And then I realized that I had confused French with like critically acclaimed because the first movie wasn't like critically. Well, reviewed it was just like a feel good movie that did really well at the French box office. But I'm not surprised that this movie did really well. And it got an ace cinema score. It's just like a audience pleasing movie that critics don't vibe with will. Yeah. I mean, I think with all the news and shit and the state of the world like people need these kind of soothing films like, yeah. And they like each other, right? The paraplegic dude is a billionaire. So there's like wish fulfillment stuff. And he they go on all sorts of fun adventures together. There is a scene in which Kevin Hart's characteristic is comedic sensibility of homophobia comes through where he's unwilling to even look at a catheter. And or he can't even say the word penis because he's supposed to which just the worst nurse ever. But. Medical professionals. He's not helping my client with any and another way that this movie ties into the news of the past. Couple of years is that this was a Weinstein company joint that was bought up at auction after the Weinstein company, basically dissolved, and it was going to be more of a challenging are rated movie, and this company that bought it auction just cut it down to a PG thirteen focused on the field goody bibles, and they were apparently smart to do that from a business perspective. One thing that we missed last week that I just wanted to raise is that at number five on the box office charts and last week did surprisingly, well was escape room a horror movie about escape rooms what which is like they were in a escape room that like the consequences were real I forgot I'm assuming it's like jigsaw shit. Right. The saw movies, which I don't know are you guys escape room. Irs I did an escape room in Korea town. And it was so it was so boring. I can't imagine that this was. Yeah. I guess if the stakes are real, let's the the synopsis six adventure strangers traveled to a mysterious building to experience the escape room a game where players compete to solve a series of puzzles to win ten thousand dollars just.

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