Joe Biden, Terry Smith, $300 discussed on Houston's Morning News


Homer done left, took off the reason I've always working. So President Biden came against today and said the following that no, it's Well because An unemployed American cannot turn down a suitable job to take federal unemployment benefits. Okay? Maybe not initially. But what about all the people who were told were laid off when restaurants were shut down? Is one thing to claim unemployment When you're not unemployed. It's another thing to not go out there and actively pursue getting another job. And if Joe Biden thinks for one minute that people who are getting paid twice as much to be unemployed or out there, actively looking for another job, Sanchez the unemployment benefit is the enhancement. You know, seeing $300 a week this coming from the feds, It's the stimulus checks that air coming. It's one thing when you need it's another thing when it's just shoved in your face. Who wouldn't take it well, and here's the thing Who's Who's Who's going to go out there and trying to find another job as long as you're getting it. And trust me when I say because I've been unemployed, once or twice in my radio career. They don't really spend a long time and asking you questions about what you did to go out and try to find another job. No, the bureaucrats who work at it in the unemployment office. Really don't spend that much time working, not working in the unemployment office they have been for the last year. I think about that. Well that to think about all the bogus claims that came through his right. Do you think that's all they're looking for? This point are bogus claims. If you are, if you're unemployed, and you have not looked for work, and you say, you look for work good enough for them. 5, 11 time for traffic and weather together. What's that say I'm on Jimmy. We're going to talk to meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather Channel next, right? Yes, we are. I want you to ask her. Why? My hair is so frizzy. All right. You want the current humidity like I think I think you know what? What It's gonna be like today..

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