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The mishap occurred during a landing phase of the mission the other crew was not hurt fox's kernels got America's listening to fox news weather update this is chief meteorologist Joe we sold pack showers continue overnight tonight and into your Friday with an overnight low of fifty four degrees and a daytime high of only fifty seven it will get colder beginning Friday afternoon as a cold front drives the rain through and lowers temperatures for Saturday find out which of your weekend days will be better than the other join good morning Memphis Saturday morning beginning at six AM from the box for studios in Los Angeles yes Texans in cold tonight from Houston to snap a shot stepping out the right class drawing date Texans radio network they want it twenty to seventeen the OB Jerry Hopkins great game tonight and for him six grabs ninety four yards and a couple TD's Houston now seven for this season and they also split the season series what the Indianapolis Colts Johnson Williams a losing cause it twenty six carries a hundred four yards and also one TV in the NBA yeah I think that a group what a triple double Eric Bledsoe had thirty points in Milwaukee beat Portland at home one thirty seven a one twenty nine Jana said twenty four points nineteen rebounds and fifteen the CIS in the valley of the sun Phoenix right now leading New Orleans at the break sixty six to fifty nine it's more than politics whistleblower our nation never give are you see ninety two point one welcome to exit poll USA tale of the penalty sedation if the impeachment hearing proves itself to be brave truthful and unselfish would turn into a real case for the latest opinions direct from the zip app here's Christina stuff up just like that okay the impeachment inquiry needs to prove itself before it moves forward but I'm like Pinocchio the noses of those in Congress don't grow when they're.

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