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Which she found some more targets disciple uber there. At anti-regime in. Okay got starting a starting point of anti-g as a solid. She's improve. Okay, so this is the Wa- The temple near Kyoto Anton, G Anti. Yes, and that's the one that your friend from university went to. Then you back this book, self. So I find that. Same Question I had when Human Asia and he devoted himself to find the answer. To this Oh, he studied western. Philosophy Catholic theology on the on the Buddhism and Sin. And after he found his answer was in practice Dorgan's teaching he continued to practice and share the answer he found was younger people so I I wanted to Kim. You wanted to live like him. Wow, yeah, he. He was a fast oxidative. Pass on. Who Do such a way? Wow So? Like. What did you imagine he's life looked like that. You want to emulate so. He was obviously doing a lot of Zan and reading yoga. What what did you imagine? The life looked like back then I didn't I up in the city near Sokaia to me to study Daraghmeh on just dozen on the wild Ford in within the temporal. and. I knew they believed. Baking Takata because. The emperor had no income. So I really loved that overnight for I think that was kind of other talented way of life from. Life for making money. Yes, yes, it's a stock contracts, and and you'd sense that there will be some meaning in that life. What was it the simplicity? What did you think what would what what made that like I, feel like it had meaning simplicity peacefulness. On the study and Facing onset fizzing roofs facing oneself. Yes, not for doing something. With, other be put forth a of something to me that the good for nothing means good turn and dog is famous for saying to study the Dhamma away ways to study the self. Yeah, what do you take that to mean? 'cause that could mean many things. To India understand. We are. Is this how this? Awesome was a bomb undeserving together either be grew on. Sunday dying. How duty how to understand that process of between you. And this. Yes, on the meaning of this. Yes, then this. This is a really different type of life, and this really gets to the heart of the meaning of life right? I think so from the way of life I were expected by the Japanese society and then. So Lucky Rochhi and also coach Yama their emphasis on Zan rather than the monastic rituals. Do you think, where do you think a? Why do you think they had that emphasis? What? How did that come about for these great masters? Finn, Sarky she became, wanted to become a monk that. He was still a teenager. I think sixteen years old..

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