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The seven suspects who approached a nineteen year old man of the east fordham road and low fordham section of the bronx the victim was punched in the face the knocked to the ground unconscious they took his phone he was taken to saint barnabus where he was treated for a concussion embattled weinstein company is getting an infusion of cash and may be putting itself up for sale but there was more bad news for harvey weinstein the academy of motion picture arts and sciences expelled weinstein over the weekend the producers guild just followed suit his former company that fired him last week is expected to change its name even sell several studios have backed out of or are expected to back out of projects with the company even if it changes names french president emmanuel macron is taking steps to strip weinstein of that country's top honor the legion of honour medal all this is more women have now come forward including at least two british women jim roope los angeles remnants of o feel you have been battering the west coast of ireland correspondent david blevins' is in galway has begun to geza level but we're very grateful for that because of these are very dangerous the storm indeed the latest statistics we have across ireland's three hundred six steve isn't homes are currently with tanic coastal defences have been breached in various places along with this southwestern midwest the coastline to the west coast of ireland is just beautiful at least three deaths in arlon attributed to ofi elliott wins news time twelve fifty six now bloomberg money watch on ten ten wins wall street gets elbows deep into earning season now with big banks goldman sachs and morgan.

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