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Happy. Happy hour man. We're like hanging to the left. We're GONNA swing swing your giant club the left Travis podcast the websites swing left dot org. It is Steve. Welcome you guys. This is fantastic. Timing thank you yeah I almost too late but yeah we incurred swearing. This is the happy our podcast and we can just say we're fucked if we don't vote in this election right that's good to know because on our podcast. I used pissed and my mom didn't like that. Yeah she's like that's very strong. Moms fucking bug up podcast. I will not. I will not tell her. We've before you got here. You have some giant if the people on the video casts can see of a giant black thing which I assume was sex dungeon related. You said I guess after being released from the Dungeon I punched a fascist. Oh it was a cross fit alright injury so cool Steve Pearson and Mariah Craven. Right of the swing left podcast. You Guys Win Party how we win right. But I mean it's obviously you are both come to this from activism right. Yeah you you are from show business and your wife on my test. Show my disastrous late night. Show in nineteen ninety-five. No my wife. She was playing scully sister X. files at the time. Yeah Okay but she remembers me. Fondly Nineteen Ninety Five Stephanie. Absolutely without a doubt I was nicer then. Very old and bitter now but good. Yes I remember her. I remember the name but yes she did a test show that see. That was nice of her. And did she say well? This show's GonNa fucking get canceled. But I'm going to do it anyway. No she's a huge fan. She loves listening to you now and then and now as as we all do. Aw thank you so tell us about okay. First of all. Let's let's let's meet. Do we have some eldest do so. Let's meet Stephen Mariah shall with Steve Pearson and his family like so many Americans were shocked and terrified. Trump was elected in November. Two Thousand Sixteen now an activist and community organizer. He spent the last three years using his entertainment industry background to do everything it could help build this movement and support democratic campaigns Mariah Craven. Who A CRAVEN. Who is actually quite is an activist writer and political consultant with more than ten years in organizing with other experience with organizing people to create change in recent years. You've focused on helping more women people of Color. Lgbt candidates to office you've developed Oh campaigns for Comma Harris. One of my personal favorites. You Super Sad about I was pissed and sad so sad about a you know how. Great the EN- diverse the Democratic field started out and then all of a sudden all of that was gone. Yeah Yeah in the most diverse party right in the I just It's a lot of things we start in these two little white states. It's money and politics. It's all of it that just a is a must be for some people that worked so hard on the ground must sometimes be disheartening. I mean also Mike Bloomberg getting disemboweled. Leslie Putting All those with Warren though is a credit watch moment of your on fire and he was totally unprepared. Which Kinda knew. What was my favorite tweet travis? Unsporting Elizabeth Warren to rip off both of Mike Bloomberg's arms and punch him in the Dick with them. But I'm for it anyway. So obviously you guys in where was what was your background in. Show business that you bring to well. I've worked in post production sound. Actually I own a sound studio in Hollywood And just really convenient for its supercup for podcast. I grew up in. Dc A group political family in DC. And Okay Cool. It would tell me about yours while my dad was counsel to President Johnson and Oh might Johnson. Beat my dad. By a seventy Zillion vote I dad and Goldwater so right. Well okay. This got really awkward and tense all of a sudden. The only. We're not GONNA only three was when my dad was obviously the architect of Johnston's win. No I'm getting. Yeah so anyway I I grew up in. Dc moved out here to get in the entertainment business and kind of put did your dad come up with the Goldwater Miller in your guts. You know they're nuts. Yes that was head you. I'M GONNA give it to him fucker. The nuclear bomb explosion commercial. We're all on the same side now stuff. That's all on the same side now runs deep. Man We'll go ahead. Yeah well you know that was it. I kind of Had My fill of DC thought and Came out to California got into the entertainment business and never really got that involved Volunteered on campaigns. A little bit phone bank stuff like that but it wasn't until after trump was elected that I felt like I had some missed opportunities to make up for. Yeah don't you feel like last night was a perfect example of you know they often come to Hollywood for help? Pray with ADS and Michael. Bloomberg is obviously paid a lot of people not only is he paying people to play like texts positive things and tell her friends and like but the ads the money spending. You're like wow. Those are really good. The tweets a really great the way he's going at trump but they realize last night it's like he's the great and powerful. Oz. He's not right the ads. He's not the tweets like all right. That's the Real Bloomberg not the ad. Bray no substance there but that's you can only do so much right with ads and you know you can ask as many instagram influencers. You want by this means about you but then when you have to Face Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as little trick here. I. I'm sorry I will vote blue. No matter whom just like you guys but I asked God damn she is. She's real deal she is. She has agreed a fan. She's Mike candidate of choice. And of course I will Swallow whatever have to swallow and but this thing that sounded bad. This is happening and appropriate Thing like Brian Linda lovelace primarily. I swallowed follow. But I will say this. If you don't have your candidate of choice that makes it through the primary and you have someone even that you really don't like you know you vote for him. You gotTa Vote Blue. No matter who but you don't have to give your time as Mariah says time treasure and talent to that candidate we have some really important Senate races. That need your help your ideas done unless we get a a blue. Nami as we call it right. Yeah getting sounded and the House. He said you guys swing left as a national grassroots organization of nearly a million volunteers working to build the critical early infrastructure needed to to trump and the GOP very important Set up in set up a decade of progressive victories by flipping the White House. The Senate and key state houses the will determine redistricting protecting our Majority in the house all of that. Is that the the hard work. A lot of people don't realize that you got this is why like one of our friends just ran for school board. Like you've gotta cool run right whether it's state local. Yeah I mean all of that stuff I think is what's been neglected and it's so key because of redistricting right. Definitely up and down the ballot. We need to have blue seats. And what your friend is doing by running and hopefully wearing is built. Oh great now. He's part of a pipelines or he or she is part of a pipeline. That can you know. Move Up. And and take progressively more powerful seats. And that's what Republicans have done right so well so long. Yeah now yeah now. I'm sorry it got very passionately pointed right in your face right up to what you were saying about like getting out and supporting a local candidate or maybe maybe that's not your first choice for president but you still vote blue but everyone talks about going top down like it's at the top of ticket but at the same time when you have like somebody who's running for. Congress going door to door knocking like ao see did last year or so. That makes it personal for you and if you have a Democrat coming to you and asking you to vote for them. I think we should be a top bottom. I'm saying we can go bottom up on this. I'm saying we should go bottom up on this because you know you're gonNA interaction with that person than you are with the president. Well also like you know working on local legislatures that are key to gerrymandering which is where our focus is. We have a once in a decade opportunity to draw fair maps after the census. Oh there are some key state house races that we have to win investing in those not only does it pay dividends for a decade as I said You get a lot of bang for your buck. You know the the little bit of money in those races goes a long way for those candidates and and to your point. People don't always vote down ballot. They show up and vote for president maybe Senate and then they leave those local races blank. But if you're investing in the lower the bottom up approach they do tend to vote up the ballots. Yeah hold that thought. Hey you know friends who's been swinging left before it was cool to swing left swings. His big stick way left bill press. Oh Yeah -IRLFRIEND bill. Here's the latest news about my good friend. Bill Press Bill. No longer does his progress morning. Show that doesn't mean he's gone away no way right. He is now out with a great new. Podcast of the bill. Press pod drop twice a week check out. Bill Press pod. For bills interviews with some of the countries leading progressives like maxine waters marple con Jamie Raskin all roasting donald trump yummy roast rusty plus his lively into the week round table three of Washington's top political reporters counting on the latest craziness from the White House Congress and the twenty twenty Democratic primary for years. Bill has been one of the leading progressive voices in the country. I'm glad he's still out there on.

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