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I'm a big reader with no friends co person. Normal a normal person. The sound. You heard at the end was a picture falling off the wall at fleabag empires words, as riffs on questions of belief season. Two pulls off, the rare feat of taking a Shuji successful show and making it much better in part by revealing the limitations of the original, where's the enjoyable, I season proved Waller bridges versatility? As an actress her is the animated eloquence of a silent film stars is sometimes betrayed its origins. As a one woman theatrical show, it was a tad, too eager to tickle the audience with its nuttiness. And the other characters felt less lived in than they should at times. The whole world seemed like an edge joked to fleabag psyche in the second season. Everything is richer, and more fluid fee begs. Family takes on a new emotional solidity, even clears cartoon noxious, husband played by Gilman, develop some shading, and in Scott Muller, riches phoned perfect foil with his oddball, timing, and slightly intoxicated affect his priest. Does for fleabag? What is regarded for Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes? He knocks out of comfort zone. Well, all six parts are good. I want to single out the third one of the greatest episodes of television, I've ever seen juggling low comedy and high wit it moves from a farcical gag about flatulence to Kristin Scott Thomas character giving a majestic speech about women's aging to breathtakingly intimate scene with the priest in which Waller bridge takes the convention of character directly addressing the audience and gives it a spin so original, it's thrilling you grasp. What makes him and their relationship? So special. Victim Stein once said that the aim of philosophy is to show the fly the way out of the fly bottle that imprisons it season. Two finds fleabag trying to escape the fly bottle of her own hit with all its theatrical loneliness and longing. Without ever getting precious yourself healthy. It's learning to believe in the possibility of human relationships that are genuine emotionally connected and capable of enduring was beg reaches such belief, you'll have to decide for her part, while they're bridges made a decision of her own resisting the current imperative to keep shows going season after season. She's already announced this is the end of fleabag, which is just further proof of how great the show is after all, if there's anything harder than the king, a good season of television. It's knowing when you said, what you had to say. John powers reviewed the BBC Amazon series fleabag the second season starts streaming on Amazon Friday earlier. This week. We broadcast an interview with the creator.

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