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Five TV in Syracuse in nineteen ninety five Ryder Cup when it was held at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester New York who is it kills plural I can't remember but in any case it was in Rochester that day the heavily favored U. S. team took a two point lead to the singles matches on Sunday and got beat by three points by the Europeans to lose the Ryder Cup on home soil that it only happened once previously prior to nineteen ninety five it seems like it's become the norm ever since but in addition to getting the chance to cover a Ryder Cup which was really cool what made that so memorable is that I'm standing there with my microphone with my photographer after they arrived or couples finished and were waiting there to interview the victorious Europeans and I got drenched by champagne I was standing there as they stood on a balcony on the clubhouse spraying fans and reporters with champagne so the nineteen ninety five Ryder Cup checks in at number four coming in at number three the nineteen eighty seven national championship college basketball game between Syracuse and Indiana at that point my career as a few years out of college and I was hosting postgame talk on the Syracuse University radio network throughout the state of New York and that of course was the game where the Hoosiers want it on Keith smart's baseline jumper with four seconds to go tough moment for those of us rooting for Syracuse at that time but certainly what about memorable championship games in college basketball history and I have the claim to fame of being able to say I was the very first person to interview Keith's March after his game winning shot I rushed out on to the court as soon as the buzzer sounded I have my tape recorder I fired off a question and then I was hustled off the court by security but it was number three on my list of five most memorable sporting events that I've covered checking in at number two and this definitely does not fall under the heading of most enjoyable but simply most memorable the Bengals Steelers two thousand fifteen playoff game at Paul Brown stadium for about a minute and a half it was as happy as I've ever been is vital in my life when Vontaze Burfict intercepted Landry Jones with the men and I have to go and we thought the game was over vine jazz goes running up the field toward the locker room it's pandemonium at Paul Brown stadium in the rain the drought is over they're going to get their first playoff win under Marvin Lewis they're going to do it with a backup quarterback in there and they're going to do it against their most hated rival at least currently the dreaded hated but generally respected Pittsburgh Steelers unfortunately as you know that's not how it turned out Jeremy hill fumbled on the very next play Ben Roethlisberger came off the bench despite having a serious shoulder injury nickel and dimed is way too about the fifty yard line and then the back to back penalties on Vontaze and Adam Jones gifted the Steelers thirty yards of field goal positioning in they booted the game winning field goal to end that playoff game not a good one but you have to admit a memorable one it comes in at number two on my list and now we get to number one on my list of the top five most memorable sporting events that I've ever covered it's an easy one Cincinnati versus Peck two thousand nine at Heinz field the pike to Ben's game as the undefeated Bearcats rally from a twenty one point second quarter deficit and a fourteen point fourth quarter deficit and scored the game winning touchdown with less than a minute to go and the Tony pike to our mind Danes pass that wrapped up the perfect regular season for the Bearcats the most memorable game I've ever had the opportunity to call play by play of and the one that's not likely to be topped in less I get the chance in the Joe burrow era to call the bangles Superbowl or use the trip to the final four or who knows maybe even a greater moment for the UC Bearcats football team we will continue with the mailbox later in the show but coming up next this week's tribute to a person who submitted video on Twitter or Facebook for Ford makes the call again that's coming up next you are listening to the arnelle Kerrier Sunday afternoon sports talk show presented by Kelsey Chevrolet arnelle carriers are global transportation provider visit our L. C. dot com and Kelsey Chevrolet open for sales and service here on news radio seven hundred WLW Johnson here with Nobel laureate and my good friend Mr bingo well I'm sure you've seen all the stories about Mr bingo.

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