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On both apple and android for free today it's ten eighteen traffic and weather on the aids here and back to reading Kessler in the WTOP traffic center we have a new problem on the beltway the outer loop ramp to Braddock road that's a report of a vehicle fire watch for respond showing up to the scene inner loop near sixty six that's a report of a work zone taking a lane if you're in Maryland trying to get across the bay bridge eastbound fifty slows at the toll plaza trying to make your way across the eastbound span the left lane of two is blocked with the work but the westbound spans running to a traffic so there are still two lanes headed eastbound two lanes westbound getting across the bay bridge on the Harry nice mac Middleton bridge watch for delays along three oh one either way because traffic is alternating that works on Randolph road near beers mill road was a report of some debris in the roadway and to to near fifty that was a report of a crash also in Brandywine northbound three oh one in Missouri Avenue watch for response in there for the record northbound route one near cherry lane in laurel the paving work along the right side of the roadway now in Virginia north bound three ninety five delays were from Edsall road headed toward Duke street the crash was after Edsall road along the right side but there also have been reports near Ansel of a work zone in the left lane so watch for variety activity of activity there causing the back up he's got a westbound sixty six no reports of any delays right now ninety five looking good in either direction eastbound seven year Carlin springs road that's a report of a wreck if you're in the district it's the westbound freeway before the third street tunnel work should be set up taking a lame delays are near south capitol street InterSystems makes offer to some of the most critical inter operability scalability and speed problems see what the industry analysts are saying it InterSystems dot com slash analyst I read a counselor WTOP traffic such a pleasant morning going on here learn reckons has a forecast look it is gorgeous and it's going to be like this all day long very similar to yesterday were gonna have those temperatures back into the low eighties with low humidity.

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