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I mean, I thought, how do you get a penalty? And then I thought, okay, I wonder what the whole thing's going to be, what's the controversy, did he take, they say he took a bad drop, I'm thinking, oh my God, all right, what are they going to call you? Not what are people going to call him a cheater or whatever? Okay, so it turns out he took a drop from the hazard and he dropped his ball and after he dropped it, the ball part of the ball was touching the red line. And you have to take complete relief. So you know, he didn't know the rule. Which is amazing. I've talked about this so many times in the past. How in the world are amateur golfers? Average handicapped from male golfer, 16 and a half. Average handicap for a female golfer 28 and a half. Only 10% of golfers. Have a handicap. So what do you think the real handicap is? I mean, like the real handicap if you count it, everybody. Like I was at topgolf the other night. Took my son Henry over there and went with my buddy Rick silverman and his wife Karen, we went to the top golf. And I'm looking around and it's great because people are all in the golf and they're hitting in their having a great time and oh my goodness. I mean, they are awful. I mean, I want to really take that average real handicap. It's going to be like super, super high. But my point is this. How many people that actually play golf? Do you think have any earthly idea or clue about the rules of gough? When cam run Smith, one of the best players in the world. Probably soon to be number one player in the world.

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