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The Supreme Court decision and the update all the Phoenix police. for those of you out there are radicals Amman does this because you haven't attended a Phoenix helpful. if the decals ability it's absolutely crazy some of the things that people are saying you had a small a hand full of of ANR kiss their anti police protesters and they want to be able to fire our police officers even if they did nothing wrong they want to be able to have that power and even people who are to the left in charge there understand that this is just a bridge too far and yet we continue to hear from these reactionary radicals in the center ring of the conservative circus is a Sam stone they use the chief of staff for city councilman cell diss seal and Sam give us the latest on what is happening in the police department. what right now James these radicals have managed to push create enough of a star that they have gotten the an ad hoc committee created to look at implementation of a civilian review board well that sounds really good. it ignores the fact that our police already have civilian review in the process for any disciplinary case and what they're really if you you listen to what they're saying what they're saying is not well we want to be able to discipline an officer when they have done wrong they say we want to be able to discipline an officer when were upset. and that is John. third. Sam some of the people who are commenting the on on what city councilman and a cell to systems page I mean there be in fort right there's a thing you know what is going to come down to the community deciding whether or not they want the police or the police deciding whether or not they wanna you know they wanted unity they're really saying we have to choose between one or the other and people who support does sell does this feel people support of the law office did the police officers in our communities they are the ones that are wrong. well and you know what we totally totally reject that in because if you go on there and you watch that video in cell did a very smart thing when the council was discussing this issue he asked the city manager straight up. is there a case where the police chief and the existing disciplinary system have failed to map out justice to an officer who has committed an illegal or inappropriate act and the answer was no no so what are we talking about I mean that's my that's our question about this is if justice is being served with the current system and everything we're talking about really just involve spending a whole bunch of money and giving a bunch of radical protesters the right to start firing top because their you know their outrage. that's insane because frankly they're always outrage they're outraged about everything this is the culture that is being created on the far left at the culture of outrage you don't have to do anything wrong to earn their ire in so we already have trouble hiring police yesterday was the graduation ceremony at the police academy forty one new officers joining the Fenix PD it is absolutely wonderful to see those people stepping up in you know what the majority of them up there their minority they're Hispanic they're black they they if this is to accuse our police department of being a racist police department overlook every single fact about the people that work there. Sam stone is the chief of staff for city council and so does the CEO and he is in the center ring of the conservative circus I just want to add that wind the the city manager answered that question he did have a smile on his face because he knew that he had just got got but. fifty out another work the rest of that meeting he got got your right. and I think this is a part of the reason why we're we're we're we're just we need more people who have this type of mine is that the on the council in places of leadership to push back because a lot of people are very very concerned winners seeing all of the the far left on television they things like today with the climate March and all this kind of stuff happening all over the place we see what's happening with the twenty twenty candidates of four four Democrat party I mean they're spewing incredibly left and then we look at what's happening right here in the city of Phoenix is like who's pushing back against this. yeah it not only who's pushing back against it but who's pushing it James I think that's a great question the people should be asking because a lot of it started with national groups that are pushing this anti police agenda then you had a further by a group of Philadelphia lawyers who did that research the came up with all that being okay inappropriate Facebook postman frankly most the morning and remotely inappropriate by our officers somebody paid for all that lawyers especially big law firm like that doesn't do thousands of hours of research for free and right now here in Arizona we have thirty count of thirty liberal progressive super pacs on the ground running their operation and those are things that will never get reported on anyone's campaign finance report in I strongly suspect that that is where this is coming from this is all about twenty twenty in it is an absolute travesty you're right we need people who are going to push back because I'm sorry these are life and death issues this is the safety of our status summary this is the future of our society no societies arrives without the rule of law in we cannot throw those things by the wayside eight to cobble him full of unbalanced leftist activists well on that note sandstone let me ask you this what was everyone's take on the Supreme Court decision that came down I just I think it. so what's your take on the mayor's threat to fight it. you could even without. great service great theater so before the announcement even came down about with the decision would be the mayor and her allies already scheduled a press conference to tout their victory and then they all had to go out there and eat crow for thirty minutes in front of the press and I died laughing I tell you what song let me let me stop you for more because when I but we we played the audio from mayor guy a good speech you could hear the tension in her voice at some point I I thought that she was about to cry and now you tell me why this is like a Hillary Clinton moment they thought that they had a win only to find out that they they. it was a cool rushing loss. they got the city manager and and all the diversity faces they can lay out they've got council members and all this and they're going out there to cheer this bag and shoot that the wet rag in the face. well I tell you she said this is either a win or a loss on my mayor this is not a loss this was. one thing about that case real quick to get back to the the substance all that case did was near the Colorado Baker case that went into into the Supreme Court last year we're basically said look this studio that's at the heart of expression and if they have a a card or whatever for sale in their store sitting on the shelf anyone can walk in there and buy it no question about that anybody has the right to go in there by the things they're they're offering for sale to the public what you don't have a right to do is go in there and tell them I want you to use your artistic talent to create something that's against your beliefs and the court in in multiple cases now with coming up with that line in the sand that's what this case that the absolute certainty at city hall leading up to this decision was completely baffling to me I kept looking at it going even if they win now this brushing them is going to pursue this to the Arizona Supreme Court chances are they're gonna recognize the US Supreme Court decision if they don't he keeps going in this is gonna be the outcome I don't know where the heck the mayor thinks this is getting appeal to because anywhere you go up the ladder they're going to recognize the precedent. Sam up a stone you know it it's it's amazing because you could hear that tension you could end if she kept saying that you know this is not a win or a loss you know this is that was a Hugh away and then our away in a huge huge you win. and I'm glad to Sam's own you you the last example where you gonna take this too because what whichever court you do you get to get the same result that was a huge win in the valley and I I'm telling you we're going to need a board decisions like that is specially in light of the lunacy we see happening right now all across the country yes. Hey if you were calling number six..

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