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To be brain, Shannon. David Perron brain chance exhausted right here. He's looking David Perron, but Tyson Barrie plays to on one. Very well. There's really no reason for Brayden Schenn to make this past is the past was completely taken away defended very well. He takes great shop. And again he is exhausted. I think if he had a chance with fresh loans, you will love to put that one in a different area. Play was so fluid in the third. There were only nine face off total Puerto reached by Peron helps the balloons win the draw but has to dig to get it back. He does and David perran. Wow. But then just eventually at enough pressure around him. He couldn't keep it. Colorado brings it in its land is God driving the neck barrels at back in the corner. Gabriel land is God now. Nathan MacKinnon transit in front. You just why do they go Bennington loses. This tickets to it. Then how Peron's going to bring it out on the brakes? Wait as it up to the red line. It's going to pass it back to his goal tender and Vince Dunn's gonna come on. One fifty two to go second consecutive overtime game for the blues done one at Saint Louis. New jersey. Gary comes brings it in carries. It out. All the way back down in new his own and bins gun is on the ice with terrorists. Go and Bosak. Vladimir Tarasenko picking up the drop pass now hands it off the Bosak ill touch it up to done. It's done skates. Ray? Given the blue line. He goes to center cross ice the Tarasenko in on his forehand runs into his own player. Tarasenko works it down the.

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