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Who was always trying to drag us down yes this is the food that is enjoyed by those who live in the father's house amazing it's truly amazing that little me Bob read has been called to stand at the altar and repeat those words this is my body and just say those words a marvelous transformation for courage from earthly to heavenly bread and if that is not enough that I'm able to eat this bread to as if just to gaze at him was not enough food angel food for men all you lowly come and eat my dearest friend the fathers of the second Vatican Council taught that the Eucharist is the shores and the summit of our Christian life in other words for a life to be truly Christian Jesus in the Eucharist is meant to be not merely a part of a person's existence but the reality from which everything in her or him flows and the goal toward whom everything in this life moves holding on to that thought pope Saint John Paul the second in his two thousand and three in cyclical on the holy Eucharist said that the church as a whole and faithful Christians in particular must live off the Eucharist I'm always so encouraged when I meet a married couple like dog in his beautiful wife Brenda of almost fifty two years who have survived so many challenges in family life and they have thrived because because Jesus in the holy Eucharist is at the center of their lives to all of you.

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