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Yeah what the hell zico pressure by meets there were you live leo yeah well went that sounds like though it could be like uh they could be telling my local tire store right confirm where you keep your invoked so you can get directions weather and more ads close enough all right so location services identified are location looking for devices the house at looking it found it is at bluetooth is at audio what is going on lipids bluetooth two i think it's planting because you have an connected to the wifi it gummy well we have any it should do that for you i would imagine now you can finished only available with us koa tunnel lights take two when the lights on your invoke match low this is much more complicated by the way vim isn't up lots of your said this thing is weird this light's scott the polls looting life i don't know i kinda liked that had stepped me through though and i felt like sowing was happening yeah yeah yeah actually yeah you know what i think this on boarding is probably not more complicated now agassi onto your password them right is that your wife i password yeah let me yes at the time that's funding yeah that is a major you can do to figure for the speaker that you might wanna configure where it makes an audible sound when it understands u bs and then said i do the which off by default i actually think it's kinda useful echoes the same well actually echo when a here's you.

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