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My final minute as we have here. Greg Jarrett, David shown going forward what needs to happen? Now, we're awaiting the FIS it investigation from the I g Horowitz. I don't know what John Heuberger doing is supposed to be I guess looking into leaking. And now we have a new AG and rod Rosenstein is expected to be replaced by Jeffrey Rosen. Do you know either of you know, this guy? Rosen Rosen has been in another department, but he's highly regarded as a fine lawyer, and you know, far has confidence in him that says a lot. All right. So what should happen, David? I think what Greg said is absolutely right task force. You have to start from the beginning as you said earlier start with Hillary Clinton. But listen, it's going on still genie re is the prosecutor in the Roger stone case about Clinton emails genie, re was Clinton's lawyer in the Email scandal what we know now is from a cab Komi, Rosenstein Muller. So-called investigation was a sham from its inception. The team appointed is a sham and we see now how it happened people who supported Hillary Clinton wanted it to happen. They made it happen. And now, we're stuck with it will we shouldn't be Mr..

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