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Few time to Jesse. Ulan could do everything and you just have a positive mindset about two really need people to be way of the fact that someone has a disability. Regatta is visiting came and MPM of but. Here in you know if you a mobility talent. You need to know meeks hidden accommodations right? That's what I love for them to live. A full life. And All dive it would make it much more difficult for them to us. So. What could ordinary people do to? Make life better or easier for people are. ECHO visual impairment disability. We'll see anyone onto to seek to understand. Try to have conversation. I need the business deaf, maybe a little bit more difficulty to have a conversation with them unless he used a mobile phone, right and but Having conversations helps you to understand the perspective. And that we you can much more empathetic, and you can then do what you could do to be of assistance. Me and things sofa was the moebius debate followed. THIS IMPO Right the project was about the IMPALA PLATFORM! That is a an initiative to create opportunities for Poussin's, but disabilities get. Online I mean talking about jobs like graphic. Ziying website development I'm mission, etc, which are very high-skilled high-paid. I've jobs and don't require lots of investment up front. You do in designing really able to skill and having a beer a decent laptop. That has not around..

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