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Remember. The. Incident the. Brought to my mind. Maybe for British fans, there's been Marcus Willis. A think a few years ago. I had a can of coke and a snickers bar on shaven. It gave me kind of flashbacks of that but I've never really seen like this was like A. A meal. Look a proper meal and I wanted like how does? Cow Does Not sit well what do you play like a ten dispatch because? Yeah, I was a bit a bit like who is that? Is that such a good idea you think? Still on your stomach Keno that. Maybe she has a really fast I gestured day or she just didn't think about she just wanted the cops. What would you? What would you water if you're if you're in a position and he had a physio and you wanted to put an order what would be your Go-to? Take. A professional athlete I suppose I should be and have like Ajello in today's of. Electrolyte Joe's, but I have to say you sculpted Marcus. Willis saying a snickers bar I probably have. To hang sticky. When I was younger officer I used to delight swimming or whatever I or Arado something. I'd always crave nowadays most milkshakes she get like, I. have as my like recovery drink when really I should've just had milk or whatever. But I was just like the chocolate as well. But yeah, I go for some chicken wings I. Won't face. Some spicy chicken wigs. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was that was that was that was quite surprising. I know. Yeah. But DOSA was I think she was troubled by her back in that match? Yes. saw her Nicole flat-out kind of taking a medical timeout for it but some I mean convertible one. One matching at the US Open in two, thousand, fifteen, six, one, six, one, so. Again I don't. I'm not expecting too much of a surprise that feel like Kavita will come through that. Let's go onto the other team matches. One has taken place one has not taken place the one place today. Most French player Gloss French play in the women's drool. Fiona Farrow versus Kennan. of the United States and in Kenan came through that two, six, six, two, six, one. Yeah, it was I mean I watched the first Saturday night. She saw Pharaoh ferry is GonNa win this but can't in I think. That I mean I think she's got as much as she's a good tennis bath. Mentally I think she's she's superior to of her. Her opponents arrivals, and regardless of what situation she finds herself in. She's way she always seem to be able to kind of. Cruel herself out of a sticky situation. And I think she was able to do that and she just I, mean, she really just turned it in and gave ferry no chance in sets tune three I mean sixty, six hundred and it was it was quite a turnaround from that I set. Yeah, I was going to be much closer than that. Once. Pharaoh had taken that I set and Kenan of was a break off in the second I thought Oh real matching onset. But yeah, just kind of the more weight on the more it went away from Farrow and and Kenan. Yes. She she totally opther. Hey game off to the end of that first set and. Had got the early break and then ferry came back and wrote off in a six games on the troll and you know much to the delight of the of the home crowd. But said, yeah I think Kenan she's she cut it flies under the radar doesn't sheep because I think she has a very strong mental as she but it's a very quiet kind of fortitude. She has on the cool and you know I. Really respect that because she doesn't make a song and dance about anything she just kind of get some with it. Does she quite nice. Say. Yeah, I? mean. He wouldn't. It weighed the coach new. Coach they pictured. Sitting next to Feroz coach I. Think he moved. During the match and that was all sorts of conspiracy theories on like a February. Coach coaching from the sidelines in. Canon. Wanted to sit next to make sure it was happening. Lighting each other or it was like. Yeah. I took. I think he was able to do with that. I think the thing I think a lot of people university would integrates on was likely will literally sitting right next to each other which he gave was not a good look. For the French. Open. And I do think there is no I think there is a no rule emerging picture here in terms of. The French Open organizers and the tournament organizers maybe need to look you know the protocols they have in pastries ample because yeah I feel like we're getting it from different aspects from the players or wherever is from the this TV pictures. That was a that was a bit of a bizarre situation see. If I was ferries coach I would have been just on a passive aggressive. Shot shuffled seats long. After cannons dad liked to. Someone's on a sits on the train. opposite. You a mouse. I like. The, next courage now. But Yeah. I coach literally left as quick as possible. Wants the the the match was decided. Cannon yet goes onto the quarterfinals and will play on Ziebel or Daniel Collins that match was postponed due to bad weather from today. That a nice warm up in the right. Message be saying other these guys out she paid because. They what they want. They wound up in the rain they made them onto. Whilst, it was still raining. and. They did their warm-up I think both Utah call into a bit like..

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