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And rainy, southern California. Another day of deluge today on the west coast in the east coast. They've dug out of the snow and they're back to normal, but they're not back to work, and they're not going to back to work anytime soon. I sat down with a couple of buddies of mine yesterday. Larry and sandy. Al- guys guys who know a thing or two about how government works and crises. And of course, they were around when Watergate fell in, and they know they know what's up when there's a crisis, and they look at this. And they laugh this isn't really a crisis much tougher on Nick at the end than it is right now on Trump and Trump in uniform, but I was asked by them. When do you think this is going to end? And I said, I actually don't have any idea every day goes on. I think it's going to go on longer because it's up to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. It's all on them when they want to reopen the government the government reopen. The president's job is to protect the country going to protect the country's not gonna need an emergency declaration. And it's all going to get dialed in very very quickly. The entire country understands it's about five point seven billion dollars for border fencing and other measures at the ports of entry and additional border agents, etc. And Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don't want Donald Trump to get a political win. And even though it's so far away from the election. It wouldn't matter in the election. The election doesn't really get underway until. September of twenty twenty after the Democrats have had their west side story knife fight Steven Spielberg is going to remake what side story by the way that it'd be pretty good in any event. It's a day. I guess twenty six of the Schumer shutdown, and if you're not getting paid, and you're listening to me inside the beltway or your fed anywhere in the United States or you're in a business. It depends upon federal spending. It isn't President Trump's fault. He he needs border security. That's his job it Chuck Schumer shut down anti Pelosi shutdown. It is that simple. The saddest story of the day is the one I'll lead with four Americans for American for among nineteen people killed in Syria on Wednesday reported this as I went up there yesterday and details of now arrive the attack targeted a suicide bomber targeted an American military convoy in the northern city man bitch wild trips were inside the palace of the prince's a restaurant where they often stopped eat during patrols restaurant said while the Americans. Inside a nearby suicide attacker wearing explosive vests bloom south up the bombing says the New York Times Eric Schmidt. Ben Hubbard and rookie me Kalamata. Mccain is one of the best reporters on ISIS going, by the way, the bombing raise new questions about Mr. Trump's surprise decision last month to end the American war ground groundwater in Syria. Critics of the president's plans, including members of his own party said Mr. Trump's claim a victory over the Islamic state may have emboldened its fighters encouraged Wednesday strike that's just stupid. That's just absolutely stupid. I don't know who thought that. It's not the fact you can't possibly draw a line from a suicide bomber and a explosive device that has to be very carefully engineered in the setup has to wait, and you have to wait for the patrol and say it happened because President Trump last month said Americans are withdrawing from Syria. It's just crazy. The physical caliphate is destroyed. Isis is not destroyed because it's Al Qaeda. Ada, and Al Qaeda is wahabbist fundamentalism, and it's not going anywhere. And we're going to have these attacks for as long as we live, and as long as your children and grandchildren live. This is not a one year battle. It is a multi-front war in which the enemy has a say in when they want to give up the physical caliphate canon has been destroyed. Another one will spring up some day, and it will have to be destroyed in Nairobi two nights ago. Al Qaeda, south Al Qaeda in Kenya. Al Qaeda and Somalia struck and murdered fourteen. Innocent people now here are four military people their identification have not been. Revealed yet. We will honor them when they are. Vice President Mike Pence said yesterday US are still waiting on North Korea for quote concrete steps to denuclearize. That's very good. We're very very very why I clear eyed about what is going on in North Korea. Nothing that's far. But they also have it any missile launches. And they have not had any underground tests for at fledgling nuclear power that has not tested its ICBM capability or its weapons that means they've stopped. They're not moving forward. That's the good news. Bad news is moving backwards fast enough. We wanted them to fail fast and they're not failing fast. So that's a challenge for Mike Pompeo and his team moving forward. Microsoft has pledged five hundred million dollars for housing in the Seattle area. Good luck with that. At work. You can't buy enough affordable housing and give it away that look at the the section seven housing around the United States. Look what happened to quote, rent control, close quote communities. You gotta let markets work the only way to make Seattle have housing shortage. Go ways to build more houses quickly northern Virginia where I live most of the year is going to find itself. Because I know someone who just bought a house there with Andrew and Todd dot com. They were walking me through the process with them as I was observing how they're doing it in Amazon land because Amazon is descended on Long Island city in queens is a neighborhood in queens, and in Arlington Virginia in Alexandria, Virginia and already the number of inquiries are doubled in two months, and it's just going to drive prices through the roof in Washington DC and northern Virginia and Maryland around just like it did and you can't buy enough units. You can only allow the market to respond by loosening. Zoning restrictions requires the advocation power by people who like it too much city council. I remember I was a land use lawyer for thirty years before I retired to devote my life exclusively to you my audience just just to be there for you, and my Lawson's, so I no longer go toe to toe with developers. I no longer go toe to toe with city councils, I no longer try and bring houses out. To the ground to benefit Americans. I did that for thirty years. I know the business pretty doggone. Well, I was good at it. And all this stuff about affordable housing. It's just all nonsense just absolute nonsense. I mean, you give people money for rent, you can get five hundred billion dollars five hundred million dollars for rent. But that goes in place like Seattle to like eight people you've got to build houses and apartment complexes. And you've got to go to city councils and mandated that they do if you're state government. But it's California. They ain't gonna happen in Washington state it might, but that's pretty liberal to they want it. They think they can plan that they had to go see the movie I saw yesterday with the fetchy, MRs Hewitt, Cold War movie and polish. I know some of you are thinking back to the old polish jokes. Don't I'm from Warren, Ohio. We got a lot of polish jokes there. And they didn't go over well with. The war skis of the world. So this is a love story set in the Cold War, the postwar period in Poland, and in east, Germany, and in Paris, and in briefly Yugoslavia, and you have to know a little Cold War history to fully appreciate it. But the grimness state controlled economy comes through in every black and white frame sunny. Bunch needs to go, see Cold War. And it's it's remarkable kind of just conveys it. I'd forgotten. How bad communism was. Well, Seattle is run by left-wingers communist, but they are central planners. And that's why they have any houses get rid of zoning, you'll get houses really get rid of zoning Houston. Did we don't need zoning? We just don't need zoning. Okay. Biggest story of the day though, Pentagon seek to expand scope and sophistication of US missile defenses. The Trump administration is seeking to expand the scope and sophistication of American missile defense is on a scale not seen since everyone. Pause. President Ronald Reagan's Star Wars the initiative that was a new strategy in the eighties. But President Trump plans to roll out personally on Thursday. The revised version of Star Wars alongside military leaders at the Pentagon known as the missile defense review, the document that Trump will unveil I'm reading from Paul Cezanne's Washington Post story this morning. The document that Trump will unveil marks the first official update the American missile defense doctrine in nine years. It comes with North Korean or. Yeah. I can give you the short version. A lot of it everywhere. More bring us more missile defense everywhere. Make it good. Make it work deter attacks on America. This is going to be great. We need this. We needed it for a long time. When we come back from break. We're having a problem here in the studio it's printer one Dwayne nothing. And so I'm doing this all from memory. It's printer one Dwayne nothing installed a new printer here. I did the work overnight. It was working fine. When I left overnight is actually the afternoon here is working fine. When I left and came back and generalissimo decided he would tinker with it. So now will only print to side double spaced, and that that's printer one Dwayne nothing. And this follows the explosive story yesterday. That perimeter breach had been occurred at the studio that runs directly to Dwayne Dwayne open the door and a book burglar was in in and out remember khloe used to establish a perimeter around Jack Bauer. Remember that khloe would say, Jack, we've got a perimeter. There's a gap in the perimeter here. And they were trying to get a permanent. Khloe would always get jacked Dwayne used to care about the permanent, but it's been breached. So the books are flying out the printers are not working. Luckily, the relief factor dot com. What do we call this thing? Those are called Mike flag back. Mike flag. If you're watching on Hewitt dot com. I have a new Mike flag. This was actually supposed to have been installed in two thousand sixteen. And so it's great that we have the relief factor dot com. Mike flag up. Now.

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