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Coaching his daughter. They you know you never. I mean, Zach himself said it never could have imagined. That he and Kobe Bryant would form this coach. Parent partnership. But Zach Randolph just speak of. I mean, he says, Kobe is the best ever do it. He's not talking about the player. He's talking about the coach. He was that moved. By how much Kobe put in the coaching that team. And You know, Kobe did I mean I think maybe the most telling line and then the pieces you know, Zach Randolph said. Toby ran this like a real organization. That's how Seriously. He took it for these girls. And I mean they practice five days a week and just all the Right training and beats workouts and all these things that Kobe brought to this group. And I mean, he he he was. I think we all know I think we've seen enough footage and I mean this coaching His daughter and coaching that team that so much to him. We're talking to Marc Stein. Marc. There is a great quote in the piece when Randolph told you that Kobe quote loved my baby. He told me I love her man. When he told me that I told him we're brothers for life and a quote. What does that say that about both men. That you're right. That's that's the most powerful line in the story. Probably just I think I think it just I don't. I don't think Zach Randolph was expecting that again. He knew Kobe Bryant from competing against him. Four years, but competing and somebody is it's much It's a much different thing. When I mean, you know, all of us who have kids and they play sports. You know that relationship with the coaches. It's important. It's a big It's a big deal because the kids are spending so much time. On these traveling teams and I, you know, I think I think a lot of parents could just identify with Which you know you want to feel good about the coach that you're sending your kids too. And you know, Zach Randolph felt more than good about it. I mean, he just You know? Hope you told him. You watch how good she is going to be. When I'm done working with her, and so you know, it's it's just again. It's just the tragedy of this. It's all coming back for everyone. Now it's gonna be. It's going to be a very emotional week. You know, the the end of the one year anniversary is tomorrow. And I still just can't can't can't believe it. It's a nearly impossible thing to get your head around for sure, Marc Stein joining us and I had to keep the laboring it. But there's so many interesting aspects and it's I mean, it's so sad. It is so, so sad and it's all coming back again. But there's another relationship. I do want to ask you about. That's the one between Pau Gasol and Kobe's family, which to me really is fascinating. Now. It's not if you know anything about power because he's such an amazing guy and a tremendous guy, But from what you've seen of that. What does that tell you about powers of person? That maybe something you didn't even know? You know, my former colleague Ramona Shelburne is she did a wonderful piece on Pao and just How hard he's tried to kind of be there. Or the family as much as you can. I mean, there's you know, it can never be enough. But You know, he's trying to provided much support. It's possible. I just I think it's interesting that No. As reporters. We so much covered What power could do for Kobe Championship window, but also Kobe You know? Kind of toughening power to win a championship. But I just find it. I found it very interesting that how You know, I spoke about in this peace trying to Trying. He was trying to coach Kobe the other way that you know it's okay to let your guard down and show love and and, you know, let some of those vulnerabilities out and Your pal is probably the only one who could have done that. Because they no one so much together, and it was No such a game changer for Kobe after that trade, and you know, having a player of that level, joined him again and giving him the chance to win two more championships. So I mean, look, I think you you you've encountered power yourself. You know, they're just they're just There aren't many kinds of people in sports or the world. Real events been power. I mean, he just is an incredibly kind person, and they were a duel of opposites. But I think everybody sees now. How? How close they really were. No, I think you're right, pal. Palace a really different type. I mean, like a world class athlete, But I mean so kind and just such a good guy and I know exactly what you're talking about. You know, Mark me just really quickly ask you and there's not a convenient pivot here. But when you look at the Lakers really quickly, you look at LeBron and he's averaging. 32.4 minutes per game, which would be the lowest of his career by quite a bit there, tied with the Clippers for the best record in basketball, so how pleased you think the Lakers are with their strategy? Now it's working out so far and then what's that say about their depth? They're in a class by themselves, and that You know? In their journey, You know, last season, there were so many even after the Anthony Davis trade. There were so many doubts. Are they even the best team in that leg?.

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