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More information is available at Lemelson daughter Warg. And from the sustaining members of this NPR station. Back to the hit list in a moment, but first, a heads up about an important conversation. We'd love your help With tomorrow. The race for Corona virus vaccine is moving fast. So far, the two leading companies developing a potential vaccine, visor and Maturana. Claim that their M R in a vaccines are over 90% effective But what is M r in a. We have questions. Just like you leave us a voicemail at 8552361. A one. A visor is the first cos to submit an emergency use authorization request to the FDA that would make the vaccine available for use in high risk populations here in the U. S by the middle to end of next month. Are you in line to be one of the first to be given the vaccine? Tell us your story. 855236181 A or you can send us an audio file with our app won a box pop, and we'll share some of your stories tomorrow on one, eh? Let's get back to the hit list. Our pop culture round up with Eric Deggans, TV critic for NPR. Brooke Obie Award winning film critic and author and Emily Vander Worth critic at large for box broke. What did you think of jingle jangle? I thought Jingle Jangle was very sweet. I was very excited for my niece and nephew to watch it because it's just something that we've never get to see him in its black fantasy on DCruz isthmus, And there's so many wonderful things, but also magic. You know, there are math geniuses. They're two little black girls who are math geniuses on bears. Force Whitaker. This Phylicia Rashad, There's an economic rose. It's a musical. I mean, it just feels like it. Has all of those things that we love about this season in a in a way in a story that we've never seen before, so I thought it was very inventive and very cute. I'm overlooking some of the plot holes that exist. Look, it's just Yeah, overlooking huge and my niece and nephew Love it, So I'm happy. Well, if you need a reminder that Aneka Noni Rose can sing her whole entire face off. Just wait till like the back third of the film. She has this amazing number and she's just such an incredible vocalist. I loved it. It's a great family watch. Well, we got a whole new slate of fall TV this month, and some decided to include the pandemic and their story line or have actors wear face masks on scene. Ah, lot of you are bringing up this is us is a show. You're watching. And this is one of the show's grappling with the with the pandemic. Eric, How are you seeing shows take on covert 19. Well, it's been interesting. Um, that is a choice that every show runner had to make a zoo. The lockdown shut down production of television over the summer, but producers and writers were still meeting and trying to figure out what they were going to do once production resumed, and now we're learning, you know, network TV shows in particular, coming back to new episodes..

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