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There are fifteen hours of radio each week on the fifteenth time joined by either Dr Larry Arnn, the president of Hillsdale College or one of his great colleagues from hillsdale the talk about big things big issues and big ideas last week. It was professor Adam Carrington this week. It is Dr Arnn, Dr Arnn. Welcome back. We really liked that. I'm Carrington did you? Yeah. He's not that good though, easy. No. We loved him. Wait, wait thought he was great. Yeah. He's kind of a bright young star of the faculty. And you just wanted to take a few weeks off, you know, couple of months three months four months week. We liked him. Yeah. Okay. Okay. What if you took? How was your trip to the Pacific northwest? I was afraid you weren't gonna comeback or come back with a lumberjack shirt or you might have been smoking edibles into your food northern California last week. And it was great and I'm going to Oregon this tomorrow Monday. And and that'll you know, we have we have we have a lot of people who pay ten stress in Oregon, and that's kind of amazing. Isn't it? It is. But I'm worried about you could bake foot could get you the dopers could get you. That's when you go to Oregon, if you get out to Corvallis, especially you gotta be careful. Well, yeah, it's a different put people keep telling me to watch that show Portland. Yeah. I don't watch it. Because it is what it looks like all right now. Look, we are I've been using an analogy that you will understand Bruce Catton. I believe you might even known him. I just read his books, and I think that Thursday last before the Miller report drop was the high water Mark of the resistance. And that everything we've seen for a week has been the collapse the route of the resistance into six different directions. They're retreating everywhere. But after an tedium McClellan did not pursue and after Gettysburg me did not pursue. But I think this is like when grant takes command that was Bruce catton's book about when grant takes command at eighteen he intended to fight on that line of it takes all summer. I listened to President Trump and Michigan last night. He is on offense. Isn't that surprising? He's kind of stonewall Jackson about stuff like that. Is he? Lincoln Lincoln was disappointed in his generals until grant and Sherman and Sheridan, not fully disappointed with many of them fully. And the thing that does guys head was they knew where the battle was. And they stayed in it, and it, you know, is it. In Virginia where grant took way the most casualties in American history in the summer of eighteen sixty four they that was a terribly difficult place to fight, and he just kept at it every day and double down and double down. Now. Let me play you a little Trump audio from last night about what's gonna come next cut number fifteen. Delusions?.

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