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Of bounds coming up next segments. You got there. Downs out of bounds. Something on now on the Broncos. I gotta do this. Actually, I didn't do it yet. Little something on James harden me started play. Well. Yeah. Well, something on that scuffle with the bulls eye was pretty interesting something on the Phillies with Machado and Bryce Harper. Looks. Good many. We'll get to that coming up in a bit. And the also Kareem Jackson our number two. He's been on a few times with a D back for the Texans. You know, it's funny. We we should learn our lesson by now, we don't know. With. Every year. We think we understand we think we know the NFL, you're right. You don't him saying, you're right. We may certainly stand by what I said about him. I don't want him as as by franchise quarterback not saying he's not tough. He's not talented. Don't want him yet. But from a trend in terms of team Puerta view every year, we go through this. And we put out these bold statements and every December we've got a reassessment say did we maybe a little bit too early? You know, there's a bunch of them. You look at the AFC north is the one that jumps out looking good. The Bengals were yes seals like they destroyed. The ravens were we free. Jake green had three touchdowns that was a two years ago. How bad they've been and the Pittsburgh Steelers. They tied in a tie with the Browns at the beginning of the year. We're like, oh here comes the Steelers. And then we shifted with them. We're like all right. The Steelers viable for championship now. And now they look pedestrian at best. It just it's, you know, it's funny because in the NFL you always talk about quarters. You know, we've got to win the quarters yet to go three and one in each quarter. You you're twelve and twelve and four and you win your division just quarter quarter quarter. You you really have to look at it that way because teams change over four or five or or so games throughout the season. They just their personalities become different. Whether it's injuries or whatever it may be in the complexion of the league, flips and flops all the dime. Now, there's some elite teams. Sure, right. The Rams the the the the New Orleans Saints chiefs. The chargers chargers they're they're consistently there. But think even about the Houston Texans the third best record. In the AFC right now intended four they started their season. Oh in three also the giants. That's right. And in Houston, Houston this team has done. Yeah. I mean, some things go their way they got a bye. Yeah. What do you think about this? Because I've said this on the show before to further illuminate just how precarious the cold. The Texans situation was not only were they own free. But and we four they were in overtime and in week five, they weren't oversight. And they won both. You're right. Crazy. This is why the NFL's the best league. And it's so popular to people because you can count your team out. And then all of a sudden, they get a chance the Browns to have a chance you're not gonna get in the Browns still have a chair sees it could be on prime fi, right? Lot lot. Oh, yeah. The coach is going to be an interesting decision. Got a chance. Don't you? I had a out of one of my tours. I can't I wish I had the sheet in front of me. So I can tell you what the affiliate was in Cleveland, and they were one of the questions they asked me was about Greg Williams. You know, is it is it is it worse to to give him a chance or worse. Not to give him a chance. But was your answer. I think it's worth not to give him a chance. Just think about what he's done like the personality cliche. We always say this the personality of your team is the is the head coach Gregg Williams is like an ass. He's he's just like whatever I'm gonna say it like it is now you'll like it too bad. Right. It's like Charlie Baker. Are you an exactly like Baker? And so some people are looking at Greg Williams, while the deflate gate bounty gate thing, you know, just solely digital who. Care. Yeah. So how does he interact with his dudes? They bust their ass for him the answer. Absolutely. They do. And you're you might not like him and bring in somebody else who doesn't have any of that. It just doesn't vibe with the with the with the with the nature of that Cleveland Browns team. They're tough, man. Yeah. They all I hear. I hear you. And it's it's it's indicative or emblematic of their head coach. So you have to give him a shot to get that head coaching job. I agree. I hope they do. I'd be surprised if they don't I don't know if he's going to get it. And I don't know if here's you. Here's what's really interesting. What if he doesn't get it? And the person that does get it wants to keep him as the coordinator. But another NFL team wants Greg Williams to be their head coach go elsewhere. Oh, I would totally agree on the Browns. I don't know if I could let them out of the building true. What happens it becomes like Vic Fangio and Cleveland, Chicago, Chicago Fangio was up for the head coaching job in Chicago. They knew they needed an offense of guru. That's why Nagy got the job, but they did everything in their power. And it worked the hold onto Vic Fangio, and it's a good thing that they did. Because look at the Chicago Bears defense right now, don't you think it was a little bit of a great point? But don't you think it was easier to keep Vic because he's older? Don't you think that that will be more demand a little bit better genetic victory? A viable head coaching on. I'm not saying yesterday we talked about. The Denver Broncos and how they were thinking about bringing back Mike Shanahan at sixty six years old. Why why if you if you want to go exactly if you wanna go school get Vic Fangio here? Yeah. Right. So there's there's some there's some decisions that will be made this off season by some organizations and some of them are in turmoil. I could never Broncos are in turmoil right now. They've got to that point with the ownership group, and John Elway who's going to be their head coach Vance is still there. But I mean. He was out. And then it seemed like pretty solid. He was backing out looks like he's out again, you know. And I heard I heard Shanahan's name connected to the jets which trust me does not excite me at all. If they hire Shan. Not a good football. Please. Don't get me wrong. But that's just not the vibe that I want. No. I mean, you know, my dad's early seventies. I got love for this seventy year olds. But I don't know if I want somebody who's almost seventy coach my team, not in the modern NFL. I don't know. But I also do think that there's danger as teams search for the next McVeigh that you allow that to maybe blur some important part of the senses because you're so enamored with youth and a project ability with that youth. Yup. That you could also make really sloppy higher. Just because he seems Yong agree and vibrant and innovative everybody. Sean mcveigh. That's what I'm saying. Eight five five two one to forty two twenty-seven Tiki interior show inbounds out of bounds after acts up date back. How are you doing? Okay. I'm doing swell. He's the AC man. What do we have in the hot stove stuff? Anything? Nothing may nothing today. Nothing major league to drop. Yeah. The giants were the according to reports the most heavily attended or most intense. About Troy Lewinsky's, right at workout. Really? Yeah. Maybe San Francisco every team attend that. Or just I don't know how many people were there. I mean, even if you send the fifth scowl, why wouldn't you go and kick the tires on them if you can get them for two or three million dollars, right? Big money for download this shot physically. He's barely played the last year and a half. I know here's the other problem too. If if you're nationally team like I mean, the giants have to do something I get it. But in terms of two Lewinsky, the American League would make more sense thirty-five forty. I just wonder if if you're the National League if your team like the giants, maybe you're trying to move Joe panic put him at second. Maybe maybe spell. Evan longoria. Little a third. Kenny do that at this point in his career is still remains to be seen. All right. Here's the update for MAC and bounds out of bounds. After that act..

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