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38 in the morning. Driving good weather on the 8th and when it breaks, let's check in this Friday morning now with rich hunter and the WTO beach graphics. My new crash in the district is going to be I 6 95 eastbound right at the exit to go north into the third street tunnel, crash takes up the right side of the runway, squeeze left to get by again. You do have access to the tunnel. So no worries there, just stay right for that, but everyone else, you gotta move over to the left to get around the crash with the response on seeing some additional response just arriving there as we speak. Westbound side headed toward the third street tunnel beyond toward the opt out 14th, nothing in your way, still in good shape along I two 95 and D.C. two 95 early. No early issues along suitland park where south capital street, New York avenue between northeast and northwest, also free and clear in both directions. Now, over the Woodrow walls from bridge traffic is stopped again, latest opening started a few minutes ago. They've been lasting about ten to 15 minutes. They still have a couple of more after this one. We will keep you posted as we get the time schedule from the folks at the Woodrow Wilson bridge but for now, everybody stopped in both directions, finally confirmed 95 Nord found headed north of Frederick toward U.S. 17 falmouth. The overnight work there cleared all lanes have been reopened, the express lanes are open to you there as well. They were working in the express slaves just south of Quantico, and there you were getting by in the express lane single file to the right, but as of late without delay, rich hunter W two traffic. We've got a cool start across our area and what will be a much cooler day than it was on our Thursday, but the good news is we'll see all sunshine. Sunshine, high temperatures upper 40s to around 50°

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