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Of the year candidate, Caitlin Clark, Dave Preston WTO sports. Dave, thank you 1117, we've learned the identity of the person who died in an early morning car crash in Rockville. Montgomery county police say it was 18 year old Tara king of woodbridge. It happened around 5 o'clock along the inner loop of the beltway after old Georgetown road near Rockville pike. A spokesperson with Montgomery county fire and rescue says the Chevrolet cobalt caught fire when it went off the road and crashed into a tree. King died at the scene, a 20 year old male passenger was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Coming up in our top stories on WTO P 7 people injured three of them critically in a crash along Connecticut avenue in the district in front of the national zoo earlier this morning. Russia's president blaming the west for his war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin made the comments during his state of the nation speech. Keep it here for full details in the minutes ahead. It's 1118. Now traffic and weather on the 8s married to pampa in the traffic center. All right, thanks, Mark. Got a new crash. What we start with the 95 in Maryland where you are slow heading southbound 95 through calverton once you pass the ICC, hitting the brakes toward two 12, where two 12 merges on crash blocking along the right side at that acceleration lane, if you will, beyond that, your breakaway point, nothing was in the northbound direction. We're going to check now on the flipping the coin into Virginia. They do have the new crash. It's on the inner loop and the service road at 50, Arlington boulevard, so the crash is on the beltway on the right shoulder, but response is now north in the service road on the left side. Watch for that no big delay just started happening outer loop will still be slow from about river road to get across the American legion bridge into Virginia four 95 next work blocking the left lane. Checking 95 in Virginia where we have slowdowns working in the northbound direction through woodbridge we're supposed to get a mobile crew past woodbridge near route one, haven't seen any slowdowns such as that, but watch out on the right side, that would be the schedule. North across the 14th street bridge on three 95 and onto the southwest freeway to head eastbound toward main avenue. That was a mobile crew at last report with the wake on south I two 95 after the suitland Parkway, we had a mobile crew there, now closer to south capital street, single lane was getting by. In this traffic report is being brought to you by gramophone, spring is in the air, a gramophone, they deliver beautiful landscape lighting, outdoor music, and gorgeous entertainment spaces, visit gramophone dot com today, and learn how they can get the party started. Mary de pompadour traffic. Now let's get that forecast from storm team four's Chad merrell. Very changeable weather pattern here over the next several days due to brief shower or thunderstorm, this afternoon

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