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Of hurricane Michael caused here in Florida. This is talk to halt bay. And you can see is churning. We're told that the water is now four to five feet higher than it. Typically is this time of day. And and let me give you a look at what some of the damage at doing this is Dewey seafood restaurant here. And if you look through you can see that the water has just plucked the boards from inside this restaurant. This won't be in service for couple of days. We're told although manage makir some of the workers are optimistic that they will be able to get this up and running again, let me take you back over here. You see this boat actually was on a lit-? It wasn't even in the water at the. Start of the day down on this dock, which hold that the water rose so high that it lifted the boat off of the lift on this dock and slammed over into this deck. If you see across the bay here, these boards are both from the restaurant, and from the dock, this doc is completely useless. Now, this will have to be rebuilt, but officials here say that although we're seeing some of this damage that they are on the good side of this storm the western edge. Now, I've been reminded several times today that when you're talking about a storm as strong as Michael with miles per hour just to away from a category five there is no good side of a storm like this. There is a better side. And that's what Destin has been on. There have been reports of power outages here in Okaloosa county. There have been reports of trees down and localized flooding. But no major reports of any injuries or needs for rescue more than three hundred people went to Celtics across the county. We do know that the airport here will be reopened tomorrow..

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