China, Gilroy, California discussed on Sean Hannity


Mass shootings correspondent Greg Clarkson has more some Democrats believe the president's rhetoric is responsible for the deadly killings in Texas and Ohio but that's wrong says deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley you have to blame the people here who pulled the trigger those are the ones who are evil those are the ones who are sick and mentally ill and those are the ones that have to be dealt with Gidley says we would never dream of blaming democratic politicians for mass shootings and that it's ridiculous to connect politicians to the actions of evil people Greg clutched in the White House president trump and the First Lady will be visiting el Paso in Dayton on Wednesday the FBI is opening a domestic terrorism investigation into the shooting at a popular California food festival nineteen year old gunman sent Tino llegan fatally shot three people before turning the gun on himself on July twenty eighth at the popular Gilroy garlic festival thirteen others were injured authorities have still not disclosed a possible motive in this case also a townhall dot com correspondent Charles de Ledesma is reporting the side of the world's two biggest economies engaging in a tent for tat economic dispute as shaken investors the fact that China has the his currency stabilized is offering some hope to investors the sides might try to keep the situation from escalating further in time stocks are higher the Chinese central bank said it is committed to maintaining the basic stability of the U. N. as a reasonable and balanced level it is the night improperly manipulating the exchange rate saying the currency's decline is market driven correspondent Charles de Ledesma after markets worst day of the year on Monday Wall Street has rebounded the Dow up three hundred twelve points the nasdaq ahead one hundred seven more on these stories at townhall dot com when it comes to your pain many of you might be skeptical like.

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