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We're running into a wisconsin team right now even if it's undefeated is not guaranteed of getting in the college football playoff because it doesn't have a great opponent prior to the point it will have won at the end paul jewell rig paul is interesting that you bring up wisconsin because that is a valid point but i'm gonna tell you what i'm thinking about thinking about miami because they're playing number three note a danger and are wondering that tan what would happen if they win particularly when you consider that number five and six at tcu in oklahoma are going up against one another whoever wins that wisconsin and then you've got miami who could end up beating the number three inmates it step not warmer consider race it makes sense they win therein the macram max that question right there is emblematic of the guest today anyway back to your question even though it was a week ago miami will be and for this reason they'll have they'll have a win over notredame which you're number three they would have a win over clemson which will be of the top four as well stephen a so i know that all good now but they're going to pick up to quality winds to great wins assuming that they can continue on this path i want to get to the other undefeated school that you mentioned earlier wisconsin a lot of times the strategies schedules soft at a conference games early right if you're in a week division which they are in the west and then you to just when you're conference championship game in there you are in the playoffs that seems to be a workable strategy you're saying they're so weak schedules been so we even if they do that they may not wind up in the playoffs but we know the west is weak or you surprised at all like what just happened in the east look like they're what that the big ted had some teams there and suddenly they get destroyed.

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