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Baby ward of the hahnemann hospital for the purpose of fondling the children until she became a nuisance and the authorities for baiter come again she circumvented the ruling by appearing at the hospital dressed in a nurse's uniform representing herself to be visiting nurse for mercy hospital five that it was at this time she married albert allen and short time later adopted one of the children from the hahnemann hospital this child is the boy raymond who up to this time has been known as the child of her first marriage sex that hazel attended to simulate approaching motherhood and much the same manner in which she claims completely fooled the witnesses who testified as to our appearance at the trial and it is also known that floyd jellison who's assistant prosecutor joe todd in the prosecution of mrs mcnally has in his possession a certificate signed by dr ww kelly of green bay wisconsin which specifically states that dr kelly performed an operation on mrs mcnally which makes her incapable of bearing children this series of episodes were told by mrs marie holes or and jacob lyle former neighbors and friends of the girl ten years ago both these persons and three others have signified their willingness to repeat these stories on the stand as witnesses for mrs mcnally the information regarding the green bay peration came through statement furnished by john s martin legal adviser and friend of dr kelly to samuel p schwartz counsel for the defence martin stated that a week or ten days ago dr kelly who had been in communication with prosecutor jellison of south bend and had told him of the circumstances regarding the operation received a certificate which jellison asked him to fill out in which he stated the full details of the operation dr kelly brought this certificate to the office of mr martin where it was filled out and sent to mr jealousy this certificate.

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