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Six years of my life worrying about nothing. And i was reading like a couple of years ago. There was a survey of football fans in england. And people are saying we want homophobia taken out of ospel. We want clubs to do more. What do you feel like clubs around. The world could be doing to support both fans but mainly playas who are gay or go by or lgbtq. I i definitely think through my example. Everyone's going to see different. I on this now and say that there be clubs that reached out manchester united liverpool. This event this is awesome. That is supporting stuff like this and encouraging stuff like this so i definitely think this is going to change some heads and turn some heads in in the world and change the opinion on this. I think that yeah. It's it's about time these changed and they just needed someone to do this. And i'm so proud and willing to do that right on that night. Josh kavala thank you so much for talking to us on hack thank you thank you for having me hack on triple j. Yeah that's jewish kabbalah. Adelaide united player who has yet made such an impact across the world and a lot of people relating to that. Someone says happy. Tease for josh. So happy he's happy beck in sydney. There's nothing i've known about being in. It shouldn't be anyone's concern. What he is will any of the sportspersons sexual preferences are good on him for being brave and being true to himself. And i love these texts of nine josh from playing local football to playing for my club. Great lad and i'm glad he comply with freedom now getting lead white jackson what the league of legends. Hope right on triple jet or out you all listening to hack avenue dies. And millions of australians are into gaming are most of them are would not think it could go from something that happens at harm to a legit paid korea. Turns out that is a possibility this month. The best league of legends play is being competing at the world championships in iceland. And it's the first time ever. Australian play as bain on three teams at the event and it. Thanks to a rule. Change jackson worthington has been looking into this. A little warning a few swear words coming up that trophy in the end will not be stopped bana months ago one hundred days destroyed teen liquid on they will maiden north american league of legends. Todd the win also meant more. Plays one lake tahoe in america this year then americans. That's old thanks to a rule. Change the subtle ostia. We'll come back to that in a sec. Behind white jackson what the league of legends. Oh right basically. It's a five eighty five strategy computer game where people on them. I'll emily explained players verse five players and the objective is to take down your opponents in that process you mine resources including minions and other things to get gold so you can buy items and fight. The opposing team broadcast analyst the league championship series in north america. On a four majorly competitions in the world. She says the rule change. I mentioned has transformed the guy for all these basically. What happened was would be. Disillusion of the opio shannon purlee by the way they no longer count as non. Lcs residence lcs that's league championship series and for every roster in the lcs. You can only have two two players. They're not from the north american regions. Anyone who is in the oceanic region. They now effectively count as north american players. Basically the rule change sterling's we get the chance to play on american teams for the first time because imports slots they usually safe place from europe. Oh career obviously very happy but thinking back. i didn't feel as most. I thought i'd be in a way but it still fucking concordia that's victor. Fbi clang. He was the first to play in the cs and last month. He want. he's i taught or with one hundred days after moving to the usa in two thousand nine thousand nine victims. The successive australia implies in america will pave the way for more people to get a chance to play. I feel like the deigning earthy. Oc short for a shamanic on cermony acronyms. Aw plan perspective. It's really like a sustainable korea. I really hope that it does. I've been up off. Plays for young tower and share. What they've done. I think what the role change at the end of twenty twenty. It kind of became trendy to pick up australian players. That's kris papa. Smith smith general manager of one hundred days low that would say the quantity of australian players in the league between lcs and academy will be lower kinda day one. Twenty twenty two. But that doesn't mean that that won't be other big ticket. Australian players finding success in that locally again and coming over to north america. And i think a lot of people will look at the success of fbi and fudge and one a piece of that with australians. Finally getting a chance on american teams. It means this month world championship is a chance for the players to prove they deserve a spot in the lcs even though we have a very small player base like sample size isn't as good as like i do their place here. That could definitely be yes plays james. Talley shirt plays for tame pace. Jj charlie's representative at this wrote championship. He reckons the success of fbi and fudge may more teams are willing to take a chance on australian talent. I usually the best place in their all and especially if that australian plays count as enfolds in north america anymore. I think that they will be absolutely willing to take chances on people from australia on. Triple j jackson wedding and the league of legends world championships semi these weekends are hopefully these trillion teams. Do really well pack. I've seen how they have the pods that they send out into the water and the puck comes a call reef. I would like to do something like that on triple j feels kind of uncomfortable to think about. What do you want to happen to your body. When you die cremation traditional burial. Something kind of different text me over three nine seven five seven triple five. We've been talking a lot about climate change. And how the government's dealing with it or not and that's cleese clearly sticking in people's minds to the extent that the now opting for low emissions body disposal having their physical remains reduced to liquid and dust. Tamsin roses vein looking at how it all works. The death of a person is an event which calls for tradition rather than innovation and change. This is dr michael on old. He studies how death and technology interact at the university of melbourne. And he says the funeral industry isn't always on the cutting edge to look back. Historically some very big moves in australia. We've moved on from being miceli. Buried in coffins to now about seventy percent of us opting for formation for centuries. They have been only common options here. But the industry's changing at the moment. We've got some new movers and shakers and it's largely to do with the environment. Burials often involve chemical and bombing to preserve the body and these toxic chemicals than late into the soil and waterways as the body breaks down. And there's also the physical space taken up by coffins and the library and energy used in the process and just a single cremation uses about the same amount of energy that an average person uses for an entire month. While they're still alive. The view that every step that can be taken should be taken. Then one matz say we should be looking for methods of disposition which much.

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